View Full Version : Wilson Ncode 6.1 95 16x18 or 18x20 whats the difference?

09-10-2006, 03:29 PM
Whats the different between Wilson Ncode 6.1 95 16x18 and 18x20 string pattern?
which racquet is better?


09-10-2006, 03:50 PM
One or the other isn't "better"
The difference is that the 18x20 will give you more control
and the 16x18 will give you more spin and power

09-10-2006, 04:06 PM
same as above but 18x20 also has a little longer string life. There's a BIG difference between the two.

09-10-2006, 04:08 PM
wow never knew that,.......so i should get 16x18 right? i think most ppl prefer that pattern

09-10-2006, 04:23 PM
You should also do a search. This topic has been discussed many times. As someone said above, they are pretty different frames. You should demo both to find whats right for you.