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09-11-2006, 03:37 PM
I recently switched from my Yonex RDS 001 MPs to the Fischer Pro No.1s. I initially was not very happy with the fischers because they felt out of control and unstable. I'm new to racquet customization, so after doing some reading in the forums and in the TW Learning center, i decided i would try adding 10 grams at 9 and 3. The results were amazing on my serve, backhands, and volleys... but it took away speed and spin from my forehand. As I got used to it, my forehand came back just as it was with my old racquets. Any comments or suggestions on my setup would be appreciated. I'm also interested in calculating my swingweight, but don't know how.

Here are the stock specs for the racquet:
# Weight: 12oz / 340g strung
# Balance: 9 points head light

the new static weight should be 350g strung, and im unsure of what its balance is.

09-11-2006, 05:48 PM
Steve H. set up an excellent Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for calculating balance point and swingweight when customizing. The thread on it is here:


As a rough guess I'd say you've probably increased the swingweight by at least 15 kg-cm^2, maybe more, with a shift in balance point somewhere between 1-2 pts more head heavy than stock.

It sounded a little odd when you said your forehand seemed to have less power at first, but it could be that you were late with your swings since you weren't used to the higher swingweight. No surprise at all that you like the volleys better, as adding weight at 3 and 9 increases the stability on volleys in several ways.

09-11-2006, 08:12 PM
yeah your right about my forehand, as i learned to swing earlier and use more of my strength it returned to normal. Good guesses, you were really damn close, it raised my swingweight by 17.64 kg-cm^2 and and made my balance more HH by 1.83pts. Wow Steve H.'s spreadsheet is genius.

M (Mass of racquet, grams) 340
I (swingweight @ 10cm) 308
R (orig balance, inches) 12.38

Adding weight: I
m (mass to be added, grams) 10
r' (butt to added wt, cm ) 52

I' (swingweight @ 4cm) 407.68
New swingweight (4cm) 430.72
New balance (inches) 12.61
New mass 350

New swingweight (10) 325.64

09-11-2006, 08:24 PM
Wow Steve H.'s spreadsheet is genius.

Yeah, I think it's pretty neat too. I've found racquet customization to be highly enjoyable, and his spreadsheet has helped simplify the process. I'd say you should change up your racquet specs from time to time, to try different weights and balances out, and figure out what helps you play better. The largest benefit for me has been with volleying. Adding weight in the hoop has increased stability and made life at the net a whole lot easier. Like you said though, you have to adjust to the increase on the groundstrokes.

You should look for some of the posts/threads by travlerajm, he has some helpful formulas for calculating things like twistweight and recoil weight, and other interesting customization info. I basically learned everything I know about it from those threads, and have found it to be highly accurate.