View Full Version : New Project for Amone! Excel Racquet Matching!

09-13-2006, 03:38 PM
As some of you might know, there was a thread by Steve H., in which he introduced an excel spreadsheet that would calculate the change in specs when you added a specific weight to a specific spot. Now, I find that very cool, but I very often want to do the exact opposite: I want to get a specific spec, damn the materials, and that drove me immediately to the thought: "Wait, Nathan! You could make an excel spreadsheet that does just that!" So I started my project.

Now, I'm only so far at this point, I can get a given balance point and a given final mass, but I can't quite get multiple weights right, and as a result nor can I get a given swingweight. I'd love to have a chat about that some time, with one of the physics geniuses around here and in the meantime, anyone who wants what I have now that I know works, can send me an e-mail (mailto:soulcutterx13@yahoo.com). Because I don't have a decent, not-freeservers-based server to throw it up onto.