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09-14-2006, 10:19 PM
Hey guys,

So i have been just buying so many different racquet over past couple of years, its all because i know this guy who can get me any racquets(brand new) i want for 100 dollars, so i have been basically "collecting" all these different kinds of racquets. Lets see i ve had wilson ncode 90,prince 03 tour mp,liquid metal prestige mid and mp, babolat pure drive plus and standard, yonex ti 50 and ti 50 long, yonex ti-80 old cosmetic version, yonex rdx 500 mid and babolat aero pro drive standard. Well i liked all these racquets , it had its advantage and disadvantage. I am so freaking confused what racquet i should play with, well i ended up getting rid of all these racquets on ****, execpt babolat aero drive and rdx 500 mid,i hit incredibly well with rdx 500 mid one night so i decided that im gonna stick to rdx 500 mid and was planning on getting few more rdx 500 but these past two nights ihave played with , i played bad, i mean really bad, i wasnt even hitting sweet spot. So i took out babolat aero pro drive and started hitting with it to get my rhythm back and i was actually playing well with it.
Right now im thinking of demoing yonex ti-80 new cosmetic, i miss hitting topspin with ti-80 with rdx 500 mid i could hit it hard and flat but i wasnt able to hit well whenever i was trying to put lot of topspin on it, so there was less margin of error whenever i was playing with rdx 500 mid.
Also when i was playing a match with rdx 500 mid i lost a match to someone i have never lost to in my life, so im F***ing ****ed.
I play with an extreme western forehand, i like to flatten the ball out but at times i would also like to put massive topspin like nadal and i hit two handed.
Please help!!!
anybody here plays with yonex ti-80 newer one? let me know how you like the racquet

09-15-2006, 02:10 AM
pure storm sounds right for its got spin comparable to the apd and apparently quite solid n just how do u flatten a ball with a western grip?

09-15-2006, 03:35 PM
just hit it through i guess