View Full Version : Prince TT Warrior Dampener problem

10-02-2006, 11:23 PM
I have a relatively new Prince TT Warrior that has been strung a few times and never had a problem, but now it seems the built in gel shock dampener at the bottom of the hoop isn't lining up with the gromets, therefore I can't stick my string through. Has anyone had this problem? Are there any solutions?

10-03-2006, 07:40 AM
The clear dampener is removable. So you should be able to take it out and put it back in to line up with the grommets.

Say Chi Sin Lo
10-07-2006, 02:37 PM
Dont worry about it, i fixed your broke piece of *****...

this is what i had to do to fix my roommate's beaten down Warrior...



Yes... those are darts to to help align his dampener to the holes...

10-08-2006, 01:54 AM
OR... you could prelace the mains if the throat hold down is giving you trouble ;)

If all else fails, you can remove the piece, and do a hacky prelace with the piece ont he outside, then jam it back in. It'd probably be pretty hard to get back in, though :)

Say Chi Sin Lo
10-08-2006, 03:03 AM
No screw it, i'm not stringing his broke-***** Warrior again. This string job was three days in the making...

Day 1: Huh? What the hell is wrong with this racquet? The strings arent going through the holes. Then i noticed his dampener isnt a perfect fit for the racquet. So we stretched the dampener out.

Day 2: Damn it man, your thin-***** 18gauge isnt going through the outer holes of the dampener... so we decided to make the holes on the dampener bigger.

Day 3: If this doesnt work again, i'm tossing your piece of ***** out the window. It didnt work even though we stretched the dampener itself, and the holes on the dampener. So that's when i basically said "I put three days into this racquet, ***** is going in." I grabbed two darts and stuck them in the holes, and slowly ease out the darts as the string is going in from the other direction.

The strange thing is, according to him, the racquet has been strung twice in the last 2-3months and this never happened... Has anyone else's Warrior dampener deformed (shrinkage/enlargement) to the point where the holes arent aligned anymore?