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Legend, from TX

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Feb 9, 2016 at 5:33 PM
    1. Federerkblade
      I have just added the PT113B1 to my collection and have altered the customization to match my MG Radicals above. An amazing feel stick. Very flexy, but at "right" places, hard to describe....

      Dr 325i where can I source one of these pls
      1. dr325i
        You have to be super lucky... Pure luck here...
        Sep 26, 2015
      2. Federerkblade
        You must be very lucky . how do I increase me chances to be lucky . should I looking at certain places ?
        Sep 27, 2015
      3. Federerkblade
        Dr I have managed to get a H22 1820 with a 57 flex ,you mentioned how it may be similar to novaks actual stick , as I can't get novaks is it the nearest alternative ?
        Oct 29, 2015
    2. Snipe
      Hi There,

      As the resident pro-stock expert, I was hoping you might point me to some reputable sources to pick one up. I've been checking SF (and the Bay), and chatting with several of the members, but have yet to find a decent condition stick at a reasonable price ($450 for a chipping, beat up IG Rad Pro PJ seems out of line).

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

      Thank you
    3. Spin
      Dear Dan,
      We emailed via sf regarding some PT57A.

      FYI, 5.5 player (2/6 in France, if you know the french ranking system), just recently got into the pro stock stuff.

      I play Speed pro ltd custom at 360gr --silicone in the handle, 3 og, a few gr of lead at 3-9.

      Got 4 matched PT on sf. 2 graphene, 2 yt with stencils. They do not play exactly the same --twaron vs no twaron! 356g strung, balance 315mm, lot of silicone, 8gr total of lead 7 to 3 o'.

      I know the set-up is personal, but does that seem like a very good set-up for a PT57a? I find them sluggish, I guess because of the lead distribution.

      Strings: I really struggle. I cannot find what fits and the correct tension. I play with Yonex pt spin, 48-46 pounds. Good on the speed, but feels really weird on the PT. Any recommendation string-wise but in particular tension-wise? Given the low flex, the racket may play better at a higher tension (?), but my shoulder does not stand higher tension on a poly...Thanks in advance!
    4. pennc94
      So what you string your H22's with? I have one to try. I currently play my PT57A with Alu 1.20 52/50lbs. What do you recommend?
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