May 3, 2004
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    1. anthony06
      Hi Drakulie,

      I watched your nice video review of textreme95 and prince classic graphite 100, however in this video you didn't compare the two rackets. On TW they rate both textreme95 and tour 100 (16X18) at 86 for spin and classic graphite 100 at 81. I would like to know which one between theses three rackets has the best amount of spin/easiest access to spin. Indeed, I like to hit a heavy ball with a lot of spin from the baseline but I also like racket with a lot of feel.
    2. Kdude
      Hi Rick , As usual I was very impressed with the you tube review of the Bab tool kit. I want to buy the kit and possibly order a Star 5. Can you give me a phone no. or contact person at Bab usa to expediate my purchase. My private email is : relst84me@hotmail.com. Thanks and keep those reviews coming :) Regards, Howard Pollack 514 912-8946
    3. KaiserW
      Thanks Rick, I booked with Evert last night. If I do another lesson during the week I will try to get Todd. By the way I enjoy your reviews.
    4. KaiserW
      Hello Drakulie,
      I see you are from Ft. Lauderdale and I am heading down Friday for a week. Thinking about doing a lesson at either Ft. Lauderdale Tennis Club or Evert Tennis Center. Can you recommend one over the other?
      Rich aka KaiserW
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    Prince Textreme Tour 95 Video Review:https://youtu.be/KizCKp7BXrI