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Jun 2, 2004
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Jul 29, 2016 at 12:09 PM
    1. Bomber412
      How much was that Wilson stand? And where'd you get that carpet? Thanks
    2. skeeter
      Thanks. In your email address, confirming that is "geofftey" vs "geoffrey".
      1. Geoff
        It is
        Jun 16, 2016
    3. skeeter
      Hi Geoff,

      How best to contact you for possible racquet customizing?
      1. Geoff

        You can call/text me at 714-330-2937 or email me at

        Jun 15, 2016
    4. DANMAN

      I don't know if you remember but you and I hit at your neighborhood courts almost two years ago when I was doing a rotation at Vanderbilt. I was wondering about your working on an Angell for me. I'm not sure how to send a PM but my email is DANMANTENNIS @ GMAIL . COM.

      Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.
    5. prestigeww
      Hi Geoff,

      I believe you commented on my thread in the rackets forum regarding matching. Would this be something you could do? I can be contacted on here through PM or at

      the specs on the hairpains are very close: #1: 256g BP: 384mm, #2: 255g 387mm, #3: 256g 385mm.

    6. JohnBPittsburgh
      Geoff, I have a question, and don't know how to get a hold of you :( I am looking at a frame, but I think it needs a handle (it's a prostock bare hairpin, Prince) Do you do that kind of work? either msg me through TT or my email is Thank you very much, and thank you for your time.
    7. PSC85
      Hi Geoff, just had a chance to see your Pro Room RF97 review from a year back, dunno how I missed it. But have you had a chance to take it to RDC machine to measure the flex RA? Would be pretty interested at the info. Thanks
      1. Geoff
        Hello PSC85. It has a RA of 71. There inna sticker on the throat from the pro room. I also measured it at 71 on my RDC
        Dec 1, 2015
    8. LanceyPants
      Not sure how to send a message on here. I'm interested in your Racquet Diagnostic Machine thread.
      1. Geoff
        Did you have a particular question or asking if it is for sale?
        Sep 15, 2015
    9. Irvin
      Geoff said, "Hi Irvin, I felt pretty stupid for not reading more carefully!"

      I assume you mean you did not read about the brake. Well welcome to the club we have all done that at least once.
    10. joe sch
      joe sch
      You need a contact email and would be nice if you posted a url for website in your TW "Contact Info" Please send me this info at Joe
    11. Alexjc1
      Hey Geoff,
      Sorry, at the moment my phone is not working. I am looking to get my frames matched. If you could, could you email me at a l e x _ c l e r i h e w @ Y a h o o without the spaces.
      I would love to know your prices and your customization methods if possible!
    12. Irvin
      Geoff MattCrosby has no brake on his machine. If he did and used the brake the top crosses in the O Ports would be pulled in a straight line with no friction at the frame. Therefore all those crosses where the brake is used are pulled at true reference tension whereas all other strings are pulled at ref tension - frame friction. O Ports damned if you do and damned if you dont.
    13. ilovetennisforever
      Do u still have the Lecoq sportif tennis racket for sale ?
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