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    1. Rozroz
      hi John, was trying to contact you through that Facebook page of
      i was wondering whether you still do personal video analyzing for a fee?
      if so, how much? thanks, Roei (Israel)
      1. JohnYandell
        Yes! $250/hour or 10 hours for $1000. If you want more details we can discuss.
        Apr 7, 2016
    2. ARKustom93
      Quick question related to "hitting below center": what's the min/max face angle on a TS-FH you've observed?
    3. Jolo
      Hi, I 'm coming to usa , (San Fransisco ) in 6 months

      i want to know if i can find a job as a tennis instructor. i want your advice on it

      I have experience in tennis in France I take care of 130 students , I am sporting director , I organize a tournaments tour in France with my students.etc ..
      I think I can bring my French experience.

      I hope you will contact me.

      Thank you a lot,

      Best regards

      Julien OSTERNAUD
    4. ARKustom93
      John, to your knowledge, is there any 5000+ fps video of the contact phase for a TS FH?

      Frame-by frame analysis of those 4-5 milliseconds would go a long way in defining the size/shape of the actual contact zone/patch along the cross axis('first contact' through exit) and, by comparing a number of samples with initial ball contact on top-mains 1-5, the zone location tolerance for clean hits vs twisters. Purposely omitting bottom mains, because even first touch on M1 will result in severe twist.

      Would have put this into the thread, but I'd like to avoid getting into yet another pointless discussion with Povl and the other "hitting below center is better" folks;)

      Thx, Andreas
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