Jun 20, 2012
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    1. Vanhool
      PDJ I am very disappointed in you. A true Chrissie fan would drink Lipton instant (!) ice tea :)
    2. Vanhool
      I'm doing well. I hope you're feeling better after losing your friend.

      I had a close friend die unexpectedly (blood clot to the lung). My girlfriend and I were the ones to tell our other close friends and put together the memorial. I went through all her belongings and filtered out the appropriate items to send to family members, tracked down someone from her old love letters, and learned some very interesting things. In her case, I know that she is now in a better place. Anyway, my thoughts have been with you and I hope you're feeling better. And I'm sorry that guy was mean to you in the SDL ;)
    3. Vanhool
      Hey PDJ are you there?
    4. Aussie Darcy
      Aussie Darcy
      Just logged on and was going to say the same thing. We should definitely team up more often 8)
    5. Aussie Darcy
      Aussie Darcy
      Thanks. Hope we do well!
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    She’s the most competitive athlete I’ve ever played against, without any question.”-BJK on Evert, 1987