ATP 5-set Records (five set)

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    Lapentti's 5 set record at 30-16 was pretty amazing. Only 5 players in the open era won more 5 setters, Nastase, Lendl, Sampras, Becker and Hewitt, and of all those are guys were of course way more talented than him, winning multiple grand slam titles and holding the world no.1 ranking. So that just goes to show what an incredible fighter he was.

    Plus he holds the record for the most victories in 5 set matches in the Davis Cup, with 13 wins in 5 setters in the competition.
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    Pleasant surprise as I knew he wasn't a choker but didn't know exactly how often he pulled it out.

    This more than anything should be the criticism against Roger's GOAT status. For I can't really defend this even though much of these were outside his prime the epic losses are just a tad much for me when comparing his victories. On the one hand, he didn't let a match go to 5 in his prime, but on the other, he shouldn't have lost so many "set takes match" scenarios. It gets worse when you look at some of the 5 set matches he DID pull out, like needing 16 games to beat Roddick. Ugh.

    You look at this and have to feel sorry for Andre that he didn't get the draws Federer got. So many of these were to guys just in the zone that day, and half to Pistol Pete.

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