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    In the middle of tomorrow and yesterday..
    Is she not conforming to your standards of how demure and accessory-like a female should be? :p
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    They do make the legs look longer and adds to the style. However, when her BF is shorter, I really wonder if she really wants to make it look worse by wearing high heels.
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    It is difficult to say.

    At first glance it looks like it is a topspin backhand based on the basic positioning of the hip and the height of the arm/s.

    However, if you are trying to redirect the ball (say down the line)with a driving slice while disguising your shot this would be the right positioning. Or if you have been wrong-footed (well, maybe wrong-footed isn't the right word. Maybe it would be better to say that the ball is not at the ideal position (in this case a bit behind him?!)).

    Look at the position of his left leg and the overall posture. It looks less than ideal of you are trying to step into the ball (IMO he is not in a good position, so he is trying to get behind the shot with his upper body to pull it off). There are some possibilities for this positioning of the body to happen and be less suspicious, but for that he should be hitting a high ball, which he is not.

    Of course, I maybe totally wrong. It is interesting what others think of that picture.

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