I want to travel in time and witness the 1891 French Championships final.

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    I would like to see that match between H.Briggs and P. Baigneres. At that time this tournament was not Roland Garros, was a national tournament, but it was the first of all, it was historic. I wonder if the players would have imagined in what would become the tournament many years later.

    Briggs was able to participate in the French Championships because he resided in France and belonged to the Stade Français Club. The motivation to participate in the tournament was a gamble. At that time only 5 players participated in the tournament, all amateurs, because professionals were not accepted in the French Championships till 1934. All matches were played in a single day. Briggs won the final on a grass track with a handful of spectators, and although no one knows almost nothing about him, has passed into the annals of history as the first winner of one of the Grand Slam tournaments.

    Would you like to make that trip and see that match? How do you imagine it?
    Probably this was a totally amateur environment, but it would be great be there to see this tournament. Also see how they played, the game speed, racquets and so on. Also to see how people were in those years.

    Does anyone know how was the stadium in which that final was disputed? There were stands? Did they give some importance to the tournament? Does the news appeared in the newspapers?

    Is there some information, some familiar, some anecdote about this tournament? Does anyone know anything about H. Briggs? There are probably people who are descended from him, but they don´t know it. Perhaps there is a painting or portrait of H.Briggs, or of this tournament.

    What are the first images of the French Open?

    What do you think about all this
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