MG Radical Pro vs. (IG) Speed 300

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Alex78, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Alex78

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    Nov 22, 2012
    Hi, my name is Alex, and I'm new here.
    I used to play when I was a teenager, but then stopped (I just don't know why today...) for about 15 years. Now in my 30ies, I have begun hitting with some friends again, and it's just great.
    I have a question I hope to get some answers to: As a teenager, I played with various head rackets (Elite Master 660 and some Prestiges). I really like the shape of the grips because I get such a good "feel" when switching from forehand to backhand. I've tried out some rackets over the past few months, and I really liked the MG Radical Pro (got two of them at a great price). However, as they are no longer available, I wonder if the Speed 300 actually has the same mold as the MGRP. - To me they look highly similar spec-wise.
    I also guess the pallets on the Speed can easily be changed to the traditional Head pallets, correct?
    Can anyone here help me out? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. amx13

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    Oct 9, 2006
    Hi Alex, and welcome to the forums. If I recall correctly, the shape of the MG Rad Pro is a bit different from the shape of the 300 ( the speed series tend to be rounder), also, the feel would be quite different also, the radical line is in general, more flexible than the Speed line, so best way to go, if available for you, is demo.

    There's a tool that lets you find similar frames from the one you have on the TW learning center, check that out. The pallets, just like you mention, can be easily changed between head frames, but I'm not sure if the 300 comes with traditional head pallets or the ones with "Wilson shape" (TK 82S pallet series), hope that helps
  3. TimothyO

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    Oct 5, 2010
    I played with the Speed 300 last year but only demo'd different versions of the Radical. IMO the 300 plays different from the Radicals. 300 feels softer, more spin potential, but also less control. What power it has seems to come from the generous string bed rather than mass or SW.

    Late fall/winter is now my time to explore new frames and I'm switching from the 300 in search of more control and mass. (I modified the 300 with more weight). My only problem with the 300 was passing shots down the line. It's a favorite of mine which was a little too difficult with the 300, at least with my favorite gut/poly hybrid. Even when I tried to flatten out down the line I'd get so much spin the ball would curve wide, especially against heavy hitters. I think the 300 might be so flexy that even with extra mass it loses some precision on heavy impacts.

    With more precise frames such as the Dunlop 200 series I can pull these shots off easily even with gut/poly.

    If you want a super comfy frame with tons of spin potential then I highly recommend the 300. If you're looking to hit flat with oomph from mass and greater precsion then the Radical (or another frame) would be better.

    That being said with the release of 4G I'm again exploring larger heads with open patterns. 4G seems tailor made as a cross for gut mains in large open heads (think Serena's setup). Just bought a Pure Storm GT and am eager to get back to ATL and have it strung up with VS/4G and mod it with heavy replacement grip and some lead in the head (should come in around 11.8 or 12.0 oz).

    And welcome back to tennis! My wife had a similar experience playing in high school and then having a long hiatus before returning as an adult. I'm in my 40s and regret not having played as a kid. Have only played a couple of years and feel not playing earlier was a lost opportunity. Count yourself lucky for having played earlier and at least you're back in as a younger adult.
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  4. Alex78

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    Nov 22, 2012
    Thanks a lot, guys! - This is all really useful information for me, as I'm just beginning to explore the many options racket manufacturers are offering today. And responses like these suggest to me that this is a great forum with many helpful and knowledgeable people on it!
    I'm playing about once per week now with some other guys who are in a similar situation - played as kids and teenagers, then rediscovered the game in their 30ies. The nice thing is, we all have sound technique, which quickly came back, so dishing the ball is so much fun.
    On the equipment front, my recent demos give me the impression that I will have to look more into strings than rackets because I got arm pain from using polys after a while, whereas in comparison multis make my arm feel much better afterwards. On the other hand, using different rackets didn't make much difference. I especially liked the Prince EXO3 Tour 100 (18x20) and the MG Radical Pro. Got two of both, but I'm actually looking forward to seeing what Prince is going to throw out there next year...
    I also found most of my old rackets in the basement of my parents' home when I had to clean out some old stuff. Only bad thing, a "cool" 80ies Adidas racket bag (Stefan Edberg collection) is missing, and it held two Prestiges (one 2nd generation Pro and one early generation 600). But the rest of my "racket history" seems pretty much intact. Maybe I'll get around to taking some pictures tomorrow to post them on this forum.

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