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    What do you guys think after the AO final this year?! A bit more of Fifty Shades of Murrovic, no?

    I would say Novak's balls were heavier and more penetrating in that first set. He really just laid it in on Andy and was on top for the first set and a half. Andy retaliated in the second but when it was his turn to be on top, he got nervous and allowed Novak to dominate him again. That late game in the second set when up 40-0 on serve was Andy's point of no return really, but again he became restrained and Novak had him on edge both physically and mentally and Andy just could not deliver. For most of the third set, they were going shot-for-shot really, but again during the most critical moments, Andy's balls just sprayed. Novak kept it all together before delivering the finishing blow in the tiebreaker. Poor Andy still can't get that heavy load off his back. The dominant-and-submissive role again played to full completion.
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    I laughed out loud
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