what happened to safin??

Discussion in 'Pro Match Results and Discussion' started by milo, May 16, 2006.

  1. milo

    milo Semi-Pro

    Aug 12, 2005
    he's quiet unstable lately. beaten by a qualifier (saretta : correct me if i'm wrong). when i watch the game safin has quite a big serve. he even breaks first in the third set. but he lost.
  2. Grimjack

    Grimjack Banned

    Feb 18, 2004
    If he'd been stable lately, we could rightly ask "what happened?"

    But this is just same old Marat, different year. Brilliant one set, baffled the next. I figure he's got at least one more slam in him, one of these years, when he accidentally strings several good matches together.

    You sure wouldn't want to risk your fortune betting on which one it would be, though.
  3. Tchocky

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    Apr 18, 2005
    The OC
    I think his knees are still bothering him. What else could it be? Everyone knows how mentally tough he is.:rolleyes:
  4. pound cat

    pound cat G.O.A.T.

    Feb 22, 2004
    If you compare his results for this year with the results to now for the last 3 years, they're about the same.

    prestige classic posted this on safinator.com mb

    Safin is NOT a shot player!!
    Posted on May 11, 2006 at 08:45:25 AM by PrestigeClassic

    I think people have to take a step back and look at what's happening to Safin right now.
    Compare these last 5 months to that of the last 2-3 years.
    2006: 11-6
    2005: 13-7
    2004: 19-8

    It's not that much different, is it? yeah, he's losing to guys ranked lower than him - but he's always done this.
    Check out what happened following last year's Australian Open win - he lost to Kiefer, Dent, Hrbaty, Spadea (hardcourt) and Ferrero, Acasuso, Chela and Almagro (clay).
    Now check these names against 2006's opposition: Rochus, Nieminen, Almagro (vastly improved), Henman, Davydenko - this conistent Top10/20 opposition.
  5. superman1

    superman1 Legend

    Jan 9, 2006
    Good point. I don't think Safin would be pleased with those stats though. He really improved his game in late 2004 but started losing again after the AO because of the knee problems. Now his knees are supposed to be a little better, but he's still losing because he's been gone for so long. There's always an excuse, and he always ends up coming back.

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