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kuyoungj 01-29-2007 07:57 PM

Getting racquet back faster really important?
My tennis teacher's always like: "As soon as the ball hits ur opponents string, your racquet should be back" but I don't see pros doing that... Like Roger Federer and Fernando Gonzalez, for example, whom I was watching a couple of days ago, don't seem to do that... I think if you just get in the position to hit it before the ball comes, thats fine. Any comments?

LarougeNY 01-29-2007 08:07 PM

well its better to be prepared. If you're playing a junkballer in the first round of a tourney you tend to get lazy with taking the racket back because the balls you're hitting have no pace/spin. However when you get past that junkballer and you play a seed or a hard hitter you'll have to get your racket back much faster than you would've in your previous match b/c of the introduction of pace. I'm just speaking from experience here.

Kabob190 01-29-2007 09:13 PM

how would you know if its going to be a forehand or backhand if the ball is at your opponent's strings?

smittysan89 01-29-2007 09:22 PM

Thats not true, you should have your racquet back when you are trying to move or adjust to the ball especially if you dont even know where the ball is going yet or the trajectory of the shot...IMO

Jet Rink 01-29-2007 09:26 PM

I sure think you do indeed need to get your raquet prepared asap. If you watch rec players, of which the vast majority of us truly are (despite our deepest wishes) - it's late preparation that just kills even halfway decent footwork.

Now, that said, I don't buy that guy (was it Wenger?) that preached "traciing the arc of the ball toward you with the backswing." That to me was crap and forced rushed shots as players tried to make up time...


[ GTR ] 01-30-2007 01:03 AM

IMO, and in my experience with pushers and hard hitters, I would think you have to adjust to the shot and time the swinging to how fast it's coming.

a guy 01-30-2007 03:20 AM

I was told to take it back as its about the cross the net.

fuzz nation 01-30-2007 05:51 AM

My thought is to treat the opponent's shot like a starters pistol and as soon as they hit the ball, I need to burst toward the hitting zone. That includes a partial turn along with partially taking the racquet back. The sooner I'm in postion and ready to hit, the more stutter steps and small adjustments I can make, and the less rushed my shot can be. That's when I can hit my best strokes.

I'm not much of a fan of Venus or Serena, but they both snap the racquet back as soon as it's hit by their opponent and that makes it almost impossible for them to NOT be ready to hit an incoming ball, even if it's a screamer.

dunlopfan 03-19-2007 04:10 PM

Nicole Vaidisova and Serena Williams take their racquets back very early.

TheAeropro 03-19-2007 05:06 PM

Getting it back is extraordinarily important, especially if your not a pro. I was told to have it back as soon as possible. And if your a bit slow, try not to use a loop swing. Bring it back just behind your leg as if you were already swinging (see Serena Williams' backhand). My brother has to do that. I use the loop.

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