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E. Tofu 03-12-2004 09:23 PM

sysop: New Balance CT801W narrower than CT800W???
I just purchased a pair of New Balance CT801w from TW, size 9 2E. They look and feel narrower than the CT800w's (in the same size) I purchased from you last year. I'm wondering if they are somehow mis-marked and are not really a 2E. Reading the reviews of this shoe, one person complained that the 801w's were WIDER than the 800w's. If only this were the case. The toe box seems narrower, and I've tried adjusting the laces various ways to give myself a little breathing room up front. A sole to sole comparison shows the heel of the 801's looks 1/4 in. narrower than my 800's. Is it possible that these things are mismarked???

The reviews also said these shoes have a break-in period (which I didn't experience with the 800's), but before I decide whether to try them out on the court or to send them back to you, I'd like to have some idea about how they should compare in size to the 800's.

I'm wishing I had bought a few pair of the 800's while they were available.



Japanese Maple 03-13-2004 05:01 AM


From my experience, the 801 are more tapered to the foot versus
the boxier look and feel of the 800 but I did not notice a difference
in the sizing of the shoe. I found both shoes to require a break
in period, but the shoe sizing felt the same.

mojo 03-13-2004 06:03 AM

E. Tofu: I've been wearing this shoe in its various incarnations for several years (size 12B). The sole definitely has a narrower footprint at the heel than the 800, although I haven't found it any less supportive. But I have two complaints: they reduced the number of eyelets, which makes it harder to lace comfortably, and the metal eyelets at the toe have sharp bottom edges that have sliced through two pair of laces.

E. Tofu 03-13-2004 06:42 AM

Thanks for the responses, Mojo and Japanese Maple. Mojo that is a good point about the change in the lacing design. I hadn't compared the change in lacing but now that I look, I don't like what I see. The decrease in eyelets might explain some of the top foot discomfort I thought I could remove by lacing them up a little differently. Those metal eyelets concern me as well. I liked the fabric/punched leather eyelets from before. Don't fix what isn't broken! No matter how I lace the 801s, they just don't feel as comfortable as the 800s did out of the box.

I'm glad to be reassured that the heel is narrower on the 801. Looking at it again, I guess the narrower sole footprint may not be making the difference in the width of the foot pocket. But they sure do seem narrower to me, and have me wondering if I should have gotten a 4E! Anyone else out there with a wide foot who's tried them both want to chime in?

I guess I kind of liked the boxiness of the 800s, though maybe with the trim down of the sole width, these will be a little faster on the court. Seems like they'll be less stable too.


mojo 03-13-2004 10:28 AM

I never found them less stable than the 800, but did have to use a lace-lock lacing pattern to keep them as snug as I like. The NB site, BTW, has instructions for alternate ways to lace for five common fit problems.

E. Tofu 03-13-2004 07:22 PM


Thanks for the tip on the different lacing techniques detailed at the New Balance site. I re-laced the 801s with some of the hints shown there and I think it has helped me get a better fit from them. I am thinking that the rest of the give I need from these shoes may just be a little break in.


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