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simi 03-20-2004 07:35 PM

Did anyone tape Henman/Roddick?
My PVR cut off the Henman/Roddick match after two hours. Did anyone tape the second set tie-breaker and the third set? Willing to pay for a copy on either VHS, Digital8, or DVD. If you have a copy you're are willing to pass on to me, e-mail

(orig posted e-mail address defunct, sorry for the confusion)

Anonymous 03-20-2004 07:43 PM

You might need a life there, buddy. It's only a match.

Grimjack 03-20-2004 07:57 PM


Originally Posted by hahahaha
You might need a life there, buddy. It's only a match.

Irony: catch it.

zpr1872 03-21-2004 07:37 AM

i have a copy if you are still interested

James Brown 03-21-2004 12:25 PM

your email doesnt be willing to help you out with the 2nd set breaker + 3rd set, if youd be willing to send me the earlier part of the match (stupid canadian tv :<), let me know

Bertchel Banks 03-21-2004 12:47 PM

JB - What other matches do you have? I can give you the entire match for ...Safin/Agassi AO semi match.

Kevin Patrick 03-22-2004 09:01 AM

I have the entire Henman-Roddick match. If anyone's interested, email me.
Also, Bertchel I have the complete Safin/Agassi match.

simi 03-23-2004 05:56 PM

contact me - alt e-mail addresses
Fellas, yes, I'm interested. Try one of my other e-mail addresses. You can get me at work (, at home (, or at my teaching job ( One, or all, of these should work. PM seems to be disabled on this board.

And yes . . . I do have a life! There seem to be a whole different breed of people on this new TW message board than on the old board. On the old board, most people were very supportive, respectful, and helpful. Very rarely were derogatory comments posted about long time members.

I just want to watch the balance of the match because I admire the playing style of Henman. My style is very similar and it is helpful to watch a professional position himself on the court in various situations. There are precious few net rushers left at that level and for the very few times they appear on television, I like to watch . . . and hopefully learn. It was a good match! The opponents were evenly matched, albeit different playing styles. In the same mold as Agassi/Sampras of a few years back.

joebedford 03-27-2004 12:03 PM

While we're at it, does anyone have the Roddick/El Aynaoui Aussie Open quarterfinal epic from last year? That is at the top of my "matches I didn't get to see but want to" list.

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