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maj13 01-02-2005 07:30 AM

FS/T: RDX500 mid, Precision 640, Radical Tour OS
Looking to sell or trade the following-- I'm mostly interested in a Fischer Pro #1 or a Volkl V1, but will listen to any similar offers (I need a 4 3/8 grip and prefer head-light midplus frames, though). Also might be interested in a 6 pack bag.

Yonex RDX500 mid, 4 3/8, demo, about 8/10 condition, with cover. $75
Prince Precision Graphite 640 (95 sq in head size), 4 3/8, demo, at least 8/10 condition, no cover. $40
Head Radical Tour Twin Tube OS (yellow, silver, black, red graphics), 4 1/2, 8/10 condition, no cover. $60

Yonex is SOLD. Others still available.

Pics available for all racquets. All are strung, but I don't know with what or at what tension. Please email with offers; thanks,


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