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zapvor 08-19-2008 06:18 PM

Please help-toe infection?
So a friend of mine...did something...and now he may need some help. any doctors here? this is about 2 weeks after the incident. as you can see its not very pretty. caustion: image is gross!


Dilettante 08-19-2008 06:20 PM

Go to the doctor, mate. I mean, you NEED to go to a doctor now.

Nuke 08-19-2008 06:21 PM


S H O W S T O P P E R ! 08-19-2008 06:31 PM

Sick dude! Get to a foot doctor like now!

S H O W S T O P P E R ! 08-19-2008 06:32 PM


Originally Posted by zapvor (Post 2631775)
this is about 2 weeks after the incident.


ShcMad 08-19-2008 06:43 PM

I hope he doesn't have to amputate his toe.

Topaz 08-19-2008 06:47 PM

Zap, what did your friend do?

People lose toenails all the time, so if that is what happens, no just grows back.

But yeah, at this point, your friend needs to see a doctor.

Leelord337 08-19-2008 07:28 PM

i just recently had an ingrown toenail and had to follow these steps:

1) Soak it in hot water and epsom salt for about 20 min or longer.
2) clean the toe out with q tips soaked in hydrogen peroxide or iodine after having soaked it.
3) put a bandaid and antibiotic ointment on it and change as needed.
4) it wouldn't hurt to take some antibiotics if you have any. it looks infected.

trust me the epsom salt thing works really well...did he drop something heavy on his toe or something? i accidentally did that once when i was a kid and my toenail fell off and grew back.

sapient007 08-19-2008 07:59 PM

zap, be a true friend and suck out the poison from his big toe

Leelord337 08-19-2008 08:06 PM

^^^i'm so glad i wasn't eating or drinking anything when i read that

jmverdugo 08-19-2008 08:23 PM

Oh look, a toe in the fungus!, sorry had to do it :)

btw, the foot doc chance passed, that is definetely an ER situation. Pronto.

CanadianChic 08-20-2008 12:47 AM

Oh heck, my stomach actually flipped at that picture. Gross. Your bud needs to seek medical attention immediately. I would opt for a local clinic to have the nail removed (realistically, if your friend goes to emergency, he can look to sit there at least six hours while patients with more serious conditions are treated first). Mind you, I don't know what the clinics are like in the states. Either way, that needs to be treated before it becomes gangrenous (if it isn't already) and he faces a possible amputation.

Leelord337 08-20-2008 12:50 AM

^^it actually doesn't look that bad. its just the nail, maybe he dropped something on his toe and caused the toenail to raise up looking all disgusting but its probably nothing really serious. i would just soak it in epsom salt and hot water and take some antibiotics.

CanadianChic 08-20-2008 12:53 AM

^^And where would you get the antibiotics Lee? He needs to seek a medical opinion on this one. Perhaps a good soak is all that nasty toe needs but why take a chance by not going to the clinic? Besides the end of the toe looks dark in the first picture which could be indicative of the infection spreading (unless he sunburned the tip of his toe). ;)

hollywood9826 08-20-2008 02:59 AM

Its possible the guy doesnt have medical coverage. in which case do what lee is telling you. ont go the hospital where you will drain the taxpayers. If you have insurance by all maens use it, thats what its for.

SoBad 08-20-2008 03:25 AM


Originally Posted by zapvor (Post 2631775)
So a friend of mine...did something...and now he may need some help. any doctors here? this is about 2 weeks after the incident. as you can see its not very pretty. caustion: image is gross!


Hey zapmil, I doubt a doctor would provide advice on a forum for practical reasons. If your friend is averse to visiting a doctor, I would suggest getting started with penicillin by mouth and potassium permanganate solution applied externally (hot soak). He should be aware of temporary skin discolouration from the latter (can be easily fixed by beach sand exposure).

xtrakewl 08-20-2008 03:54 AM

ew man thats nasty
and it brings back old memoies[PHP]
i had the same thing happen
i got the toe nails cut off and it was all better

SoBad 08-20-2008 04:00 AM

^^ what do you mean by "cut off"?

was your toe problem from tennis, or from infection?

hollywood9826 08-20-2008 05:16 AM

He means they chopped his toe nail off.

Hey Zap,

what exactly did he do? If its too personal I guess we just have to stick withhe did "something" :)

albino smurf 08-20-2008 07:32 AM

Put some tussin on it. or go to Doctor.

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