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Praddley 02-06-2005 07:45 AM

I.Prestige's for sale!!!
I have 3 I.Prestiges currently for sale:
1. I.Prestige mid (5/8)
2. I.Prestige midplus (5/8)
3. I.Prestige midplus extended (5/8)
All are about a 9-9.5 out of 10 rating as far as the condition of the rackets. I work for a pro-shop and these were used very lightly.
any interested parties feel free to make me an offer.
ps. all are strung and ready to go!

swosu 02-07-2005 11:33 PM

How about $60 for the mid? Found some for around this price so I guess I'll see what you say before asking the others.

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