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PureCarlosMoyaDrive 03-31-2004 07:41 PM

Global Sphere Top and Liquidation
Ok, I want to get the Nike Global Sphere top in red, but I'm afraid that right after I buy it, maybe a week later, it's going to go into liquidation and I will have wasted like $20 or so. This seems likely since they are running out of a lot of colors for it right now. At the same time, I'm afraid that the red in the size I want will go out of stock, and my wish to get it will be gone with it. What should I do? TW Buyer, do you have any details which might help me.

BreakPoint 03-31-2004 10:32 PM

PCMD, just wondering but, wouldn't it be in TW's best interest for you to buy it at full price rather than tell you when the liquidation sale is since they are in the business to make a profit? And they make much more profit when selling it at full price than at a big discount? Or else, everyone would just wait for the liquidation sale. I guess the risk is that they will run out of your desired color and size when they do decide to liquidate the remaining inventory. I do notice that a lot of the liquidation stuff is all size XL or XXL. People who wear big sizes seem to get some pretty good deals.

Foo4Everlong 04-01-2004 06:57 AM

PCMD, I here ya! I actually have all of them except for the grey and black, and they are one of the best "t-shirt style" Nike shirts that they have put out. I love them. The last ones that they put out were very very boring. They were all one color, with a design from from to back, but it was the same color as the shirt itself, so it made for a very boring looking shirt. It looked more like a practice shirt than anything else. Or more like the regular plain Nike Dr-Fit shirts that come in short and long sleeves. These newest versions are definitely the better of the two. And I've actually seen the newer versions that are suppose to be out today, April 1, and I still like these better. So anyways, getting to my point. Since the new Nike Summer Apparel is suppose to be out today, I would imagine that the Global Sphere Tops will be headed into Liquidation very soon. I was just thinking today that I hope they did to because I wanted to get two more of the colors I liked best. I won't say which ones, with hopes of getting the colors I want, in the sizes I need. But like I said, I do have them already, so if I'm unable to get the ones I want, I'll still live. And don't worry PCMD, I've actually seen them pick up a few more colors and sizes just before or right when they went into Liquidation, for the siple reason that they will have more of a selection. Bottom line, I would wait. They should be going into Liquidation any second. Hoping that I could help. Later

el jefe 04-12-2004 10:17 AM

My experience with tenniswarehouse is that if you buy something form them and then it goes on liquidation or sale in a short period of time (within 30 days should be reasonable) they will give you the benefit the sale price. Other internet tennis cites do it and it makes good business sense.

Foo4Everlong 04-14-2004 04:56 AM

PCMD, those Nike Global Sphere Tops are in the Liquidation section of the TW website, BUT, unfortunately the price is still the same at $35.00. I totally didn't expect these to stay the same price, plus I figured that they may get a few more of each color and size to have a little more of a variety. And they still may but I probably doubt it. I also noticed that there are still some of the Nike sponsored guys are still wearing this shirt (James Blake, Mardy Fish), so they probably still think they can get full price for them. I wanted to get another Black and another White, but unfortuantely I wear a Large in these shirts and in the White they only have XL. Black, on the other hand I am straight. It's just a matter of either waiting til they go down another $10 or until I have an extra $35 to throw down. But I just wanted you to know that there are a few new things in the Liquidation section including that shirt. Hopefully it will go down a little more in the next week or so. I would like another Black one so I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed. Later

PureCarlosMoyaDrive 04-14-2004 07:04 PM

Thanks, I just noticed it too. A lot of stuff in there, too much of the royal color though.

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