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Rorsach 03-30-2009 01:28 PM

Snauwaert Anniversary, so hideous it's beautiful
Finally got the mystery racket in and it's a beauty in great shape:

All i know is that it's from the same mold as the Pernfors, it's high-gloss black with yellow sprinkles and silver accents. The silver has been dripped on it, so it's a kind of 3d layer on top of the rest. I especially like the "Anniversary" text on the bridge and the side of the throat which is candy pink with a yellow dropshadow (hello 80's)(my camera won't even capture it in all it's clashing technicolour).

I think it still has the original grip and factory strings, very aged and cracked Snauwaert MultiControl.

Anyone have some more details about this and/or the specs from the original Pernfors frame for comparison?

Bud 03-30-2009 05:42 PM

That is hideous :lol:

racquetfreak 03-31-2009 02:48 AM

design probably conceived during a field trip to a not-too-distant (from Belgium) Amsterdam hash bar.

origmarm 03-31-2009 03:08 AM

That racquet actually makes my brain hurt!

jimbo333 03-31-2009 03:09 AM

I know another "Great European Tradition", going to Amsterdam and getting absolutely............:)

And if you want to see something even more, shall we say spectacular, I have a Green Kneissl with Purple paint splattering:)

No, I was wrong, just looked at it. It's Purple with Green paint splattering, it certainly stands out:)

plasma 04-08-2009 11:49 AM

I'M GUESSING THAT THIS WAS AN AESTHETIC (sorry) answer to the absurdist colorway movement of the late 80's...(head radical, estusa pro legend, kneissl mad pastels)....back then artists were rockstars, small hip canvases sold for over 1 millon usd.
.... decades earlier, Jackson Pollock was the most famous abstract expressionist ever. Within the madness; the meaning of the collective sub-concious becomes clear. Much like a perfect forehand or the pj on the Snauwaert Anniversary; it's holy ability to instantly cut to the truth and nature of existence and experience it self is unparalleled.

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