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LordRaceR 02-23-2004 03:51 AM

Strings and shoulder problmes ?
Is it possible that string type, tension and gouge can make a difference with the shoulder problem only wile serving?

I have tested ProStaff Tour 90 demo racquet prestrung with Wilson Extreme 15 string (donít know the tension). Only wile serving I have some shoulder pain. With my i.Prestige MP with Head InteliTour 17 string (24k tension) and I donít have problem with shoulder pain. Is it possible that when I strung Tour90 with the same string as my i.Prestige MP the shoulder problem will be solved?

vin 02-23-2004 05:03 AM

Isn't the Tour 90 quite a bit stiffer than the i.Prestige?

Stick with a flexible racquet and use soft string. Multifilament of Nat Gut.

It can also be your serving mechanics that are causing the problem. My shoulder is also sensitive after dislocating it about a year ago. I find that it mostly hurts if I'm not hitting the ball in the right spot. Too far back, too low, and too far to the right are probably the biggest pain causing tosses for me to go after.


borisboris 02-23-2004 01:49 PM

:( My shoulder-deltoid -elbow gives out when I use Kirschbuam SS @ 58 lbs, I have switched to the TT @ 55lbs & my arm feels no negative affects. String + tension + racquet = lethal S+T+R+poor swing, mishit = out of action. Quite simple

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