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TW Staff 04-23-2010 03:49 PM

The Rants & Raves forum is no longer available
Rants & Raves forum is no longer available

Talk Tennis is a tennis forum, first of foremost. It was not meant to be a home for the kind of posting that was filling Rants & Raves. The initial intention of this forum was to have a place where tennis enthusiasts could share their gripes, accolades or what have you.

It has increasingly become a bitter environment that has been cause for an exceptional amount of reported posts/threads and was far too labor intensive to keep as a presentable forum.

After discussions over the last several weeks, we feel removing Rants & Raves to be what is best for this message board.

If political/religious trolling occurs in other forums, those threads will be removed. If tennis topics touch on such things, then they will be moderated with the same eye given to other threads.

Thank you for your understanding.

TW Staff

TW Staff 01-31-2014 10:14 AM

To clarify, all political discussions will be removed.

Thank you,
Talk Tennis Admin

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