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GameSetMatch 07-14-2010 03:31 PM

Wilson BLX backpack - the best tennis backpack you can buy! (a review)
I recently bought a Dunlop 4D backpack and was disappointed with its lack of features.

Wandered past the local tennis shop recently and bought a Wilson BLX backpack (black 'club' version) and its superb!

  • It's huge. Much wider than the Dunlop. You can get everything into this backpack - shoes, several tins of balls, drinks, clothes etc
  • Lots of very useful storage compartments (unlike the Dunlop)
  • Outer side meshed compartment for a tin of 4 balls
  • Outer side compartment (lined with heat/cold reflective material) for large drink cannister
  • 2 main compartments (one for racquets, one for gear).
  • The main comparment can be unzipped almost like a suitcase giving easy access to items
  • 1 internal zipped compartments for valuables.
  • 1 smaller outer zipped compartment (which I use for 'wet' clothes).
  • Comfortable padded straps
  • Good quality zips
  • Does everything you could reasonably want from a backpack
  • My only minor gripe is the outer zipped compartment, if used for wet gear could have a thicker lining or better still a heat lined covering to prevent the possibility of moisture soaking through into the bag. I used a clear plastic bag inside it for wet clothes.
  • 9/10
Note: the black BLX backpack (known as the 'club' line) is different to the red or blue BLX backpack (known as the 'team' line). The latter has different internal storage compartments and doesn't have the side pockets for balls drinks etc. Check carefully before buying.

gti303 07-14-2010 06:04 PM

so you can put 2 sticks comfortably in there?

GameSetMatch 07-14-2010 06:24 PM

Yep, no problem. You could have 2 in the smaller main compartment, and 2 in the bigger main compartment (total 4) without gear, if you really wanted to, though obviously you won't have much spare room for gear. I use the smaller main compartment for 2 sticks (see picture above). More than 4 doesn't really work because although they physically fit, the zips don't really close properly.

cueboyzn 09-19-2010 11:39 PM

This backpack looks great.

cueboyzn 02-16-2011 03:54 AM

Anyone else have used this backpack or have any comments on it? Am considering getting one of these.

Torres 02-16-2011 04:19 AM

I've got one of these, along with the Super 6 bag from the same range. It's a great backpack. Absolutely huge.

MAXXply 02-16-2011 05:17 AM


Originally Posted by Torres (Post 5425555)
I've got one of these, along with the Super 6 bag from the same range. It's a great backpack. Absolutely huge.

Torres, I'd be interested to hear your owner feedback about the Club Super Six is it different to all the other Wilson bags?

Torres 02-21-2011 12:42 AM


Originally Posted by MAXXply (Post 5425628)
Torres, I'd be interested to hear your owner feedback about the Club Super Six is it different to all the other Wilson bags?

I can't compare it to other Wilson bags, as this is the only Wilson '6' bag that I have. My other 6 bag is a Babolat.

The Wilson Super Six BLX (the back one) is a pretty basic bag IMO - 2 racquet compartments, 1 centre compartment for clothes/shoes/balls etc and 1 small awkwardly placed oddiments pocket on the outside.

I bought it because I wanted an understated, black bag. However, I waswas abit disappointed that there wasn't a bit more 'jazz' in terms of functionality. For example, there's no thermo lining, no drinks pockets, no internal (as opposed to external) zipped pocket for valuables or anything like that. There is a shoe bag though which is okay but nothing amazing.

Its good though the two side racquet compartments are padded internally as well as externally ie sponge padding on either side of each of the individual racquet compartments (unlike the Babolat Team 6 bag that I also have). Talking about the individual racquet compartments they're a little bit narrow which surprised me. 3 racquets on either side is a real squeeze.

The padding on the shoulder straps is disappointingly thin - nowhere near as thick as the shoulder strap padding on the black BLX backpack. There's also one shoulder strap in addition to the two that allow you to wear it as a 'backpack'. Wearing this 6 bag as a backpack isn't that comfortable because of the position of the straps - it digs in your neck slightly. You really wouldn't want to be filling this up and making it a heavy bag. Babolat have an better implementation of the straps on their bags IMO.

Unless I carry 3+ racquets to the court (which would be pretty unusual), I prefer using the BLX backpack - much better variety of non-racquet storage options, perfect for 2 racquets plus gear, and very comfortable - it really is excellent.

Overall I'd give the:-

- BLX Super 6 bag, 6/10 (its a basic bag) with an extra mark taking it up to 7/10 if you're swayed by the color.
- BLX backpack, 9/10 - its the best tennis backpack that I've come across and can't really be bettered very much.

Donny0627 02-22-2011 05:40 PM

I have this same backpack and agree totally with your review. And to anyone who is wondering, I have often carried 4 rackets in the racket compartment without a problem. Great product wilson, 9/10(The drawstring for the small "mesh" outer comparment snapped after a few days, but I never use it anyway)...

my 2cents

PatrickT 08-24-2012 11:17 AM

Looking into getting this backpack, but can't find one to look at local. Anyone care to post a few photos so I can see what it looks like?

(sorry for the old thread bump)

robby c 09-01-2012 07:24 AM


Originally Posted by gti303 (Post 4868226)
so you can put 2 sticks comfortably in there?

3 Head Prestige(21 mm wide) will fit. Two wider racquets easily fit.
And the bag stays upright on a crowded bench.
Has a very well insulated water bottle compartment on the outside.
Sturdy construction all around.
Money well spent.

aimr75 09-02-2012 05:52 PM

i have this backpack and it is very good, comfortable and spacious. I also use it to carry my laptop and other stuff to work

yellowmatter 01-06-2013 08:31 AM

I've been looking for a backpack and this one caught my attention, it is good looking and discreet. I also came across that dunlop as well as the biomimetic line. Along with wilson they seem to be better quality than other brands, prince and yonex also look fine on pics and videos.

I want to have enough space for books, one or two raquets, shoes and clothing, and a bottle.

What other backpacks are there with similar features?

zapvor 01-08-2013 09:02 PM

wilson designs really good bags. better than say yonex/head

MikaJP 02-13-2013 07:01 AM

So what do yo guys think of the new BLX backpack ( vs. Babolat Team Line ( bags?

Basically I'm looking for a bag to fit:

- two rackets
- 2 cans of balls
- pair of tennis shoes
- towel, water bottle and set of clothes to get changed after playing

Would prefer a back bag instead of a full size tennis bag as I live in London and hate taking the tube (underground! :)) with a huge bag... So this bag is not for going to tournaments or anything..

Is the BLX still the way to go or should I look around?

yellowmatter 02-21-2013 02:45 PM

I ordered this backpack but when i did, the last one was already gone and it was discontinued.
Does anyone know if the new one is as good or better? It has the same cool and discreet vibe as the previous one, so i think i'll buy it.


PatrickT 06-03-2013 12:44 PM

Bumpity! I'm in need of a new bag and this one has caught my eye. Any other testimonials?

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