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aaron.gauci 11-02-2010 12:20 AM

Fs 2x Boris Becker delta core legends
These are mint, only used indoors on carpet. Easily 9 out of 10 condition! One strung with signum pro tornado and one with polyfibre hexablade, both at 57lbs. I am looking for 60 each and will sell separately or together. Email me if you want any pics or extra info?
You can get me on or 07545612411

mmullen 11-07-2010 07:41 AM

what are the grip sizes?

aaron.gauci 11-08-2010 06:21 AM

Apologies, they are both grip 4.

aaron.gauci 11-10-2010 01:10 PM

Now reduced to 50 per racquet.

aaron.gauci 11-18-2010 10:54 AM

They are now sold.

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