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Head-Strong 02-17-2011 07:54 AM

asics gel resolution 3 for Wide Feet?
Hey guys, i see many people raving about Asics Gel Res 3s and some people even saying that Asics Gel-Game3s are better... but i have wide feet... not too wide... but somewhere between D and EE....

Are Asics narrow show??
for example i could not wear Barricade 5/6 at all... Older Feathers hurt me too... Nike CB3.3 hurt as well....

I see Asics use more materials... are they wider than NIKE/ADIDAS?

Perry the Platypus 02-17-2011 01:38 PM

In my opinion, yes. I think adidas are generally narrow, nike a little less narrow and Asics and K-Swiss well accommodating of wide feet.

I have no width problem and I have wider feet, plus an ankle brace.

Also, have tried each generation of the gel resolutions and think these are great (and slightly more supportive).

I've tried tons of tennis shoes over the years and each time I get a new pair of Asics I wonder why I ever try anything else. Simply put they are the best.

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