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LafayetteHitter 07-06-2005 12:10 AM

Tennis Teknology
Anyone here have try any of the Tennis Teknology stuff. I found a source for some of the clothing and was wondering about the quality?

Jonnyf 07-06-2005 01:07 AM

ttk there was a thread about this but here's some of their shoes

Jonnyf 07-06-2005 01:13 AM

search for TTK

littlelleyton 07-06-2005 01:17 AM

not my choice in shoe, too space aged ;)

Jonnyf 07-06-2005 01:25 AM

precisely what they al said in the previous thread

littlelleyton 07-06-2005 02:16 AM

sorry jonny you know im new. when are you heading to NY?

Jonnyf 07-06-2005 02:19 AM

oh no i was just saying that that was the general opinion. And i'm off to NYC tommorrow morning thanks for asking.

LafayetteHitter 07-06-2005 07:47 AM

I did a thread already but nothing as far as clothing quality came up. Those shoes that a few people didn't like are only a small fraction of what is available.

fedex27 07-06-2005 08:11 AM

looks like a sketchers shoe

made_in_austria 09-12-2012 11:51 AM

i did get some clothing stuff back in 2003/04. the shorts were of good quality, the pocket was to small and the entrance to narrow.. they changed it the year after. i still got 3 pairs of shorts. they are still fantastic to wear, high quality product.

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