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EasyDoesIt 02-20-2012 08:12 AM

Wilson Hammer 5.5 Spin Tennis Racket
RACKET: Rare red model. Purchased from Tennis Warehouse with a purchase date of June 5th, 1997. (I still have the receipt.) All original parts. Wilson Sensation 17 string. Strung by Tennis Warehouse at time of purchase. Never restrung.

CONDITION: 9/10. Used six or seven times. No chips, scratches, scuffing, or marks of any kind to the paint/frame. A couple scuffed areas on the bumper guard (easily detectable by touch, but not particularly noticeable to the eye unless you are inspecting it up close). Some light wear on original grip.

ORIGINAL CASE: Good condition. No holes, tears, rips, or anything of that sort. Zippers and strap look and function like new. Pristine inside. The main issue which I see with the case are some apparent dirt stains on the outside, particularly on the gold Wilson lettering/logo (maybe the gold screen print paint is a bit of a dirt magnet?).

For sale; no trade. Email me if interested.


EasyDoesIt 02-22-2012 12:52 PM

Wilson Hammer 5.5 Spin: Lowered Asking Price & Updated Info
Lowered asking price: $115 shipped.

Grip size: 4 3/8

Photos now available.

When I was taking photos, I noticed a bit of age-related deterioration to the wrap. (Though only used six or seven times, itís 15 years old). Also, I was reminded of a tiny bit of overspray by the manufacturer. (It looks to me like a tiny spot of black got on the red area during the original painting, which they apparently noticed and tried to lightly dab off, as some faint shadow of black paint remains there and the red paint in that tiny area looks ever-so-subtly less smooth compared to elsewhere on the racquet. I have never applied paint to this racquet and the racquet has never been out of my possession since the day of purchase for anyone else to tamper with it in anyway. The paint job on the racquet, like every other part, is 100% original.†And it has always been stored in the bag when not in use. That's why the bag is a little dirty while the racquet is spot-free and even dust-free. The racquet has never needed cleaning and has never been wiped even with a wet cloth, much less any sort of cleaning agent.)

EasyDoesIt 03-25-2012 04:23 PM

Wilson Hammer 5.5 Spin: New Lowered Asking Price
$110 shipped.

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