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alidisperanza 02-21-2012 09:52 PM

The Church of Polystringism-- Alidisperanza's PT Thread
Name: Anthony or Alidisperanza
Racquet(s): YT Radical Pro, Vcore 95d
Stringing Machine: Eagnas Flash 825
Grip size: Anywhere from 1/2 to 5/8
Overgrip: Yonex SuperGrap

Some video of me Hitting
Short Serving video

Not as extensive as a PVaudio or Mikeler thread but I figured I'd pool together my experiences with strings into one thread.

*Asterisks imply complete*
The "Jet" Experiments:
*Solinco TourBite/ Kirschbaum PLII Black:
*Full thread:
*Boris Becker Bomber 17:
*Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 17:
*Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough 17:
*Boris Becker Bomber 16/ Gosen OG Sheep Micro 18:
*Babolat RPM Blast 17:
*Discho Iontec Salmon 1.25 :
*Stringforum 16th Playtest:
*Tourna Big Hitter Black 7/ Discho Iontec:
*Discho Iontec Hexa:
*Wilson Spin Cycle:
*Tourna Big Hitter Silver Rough:
*Luxilon Savage Black:
*L-Tec 0s/4s: Starts @ post #218
(Genesis) Still in Black Select 1.30:
*Volkl Cyclone 17:
*Luxilon M2 Pro 1.25:

Normal Stringing:
*Gaucho Gut Spider Silk/ WeissCannon SilverString:
*Luxilon Adrenaline/ Dunlop Hexy Fiber:
*Gaucho Gut Natural 16/ WeissCannon SilverString 17:
*Babolat Tonic 16/ WeissCannon SilverString 17: Cut short--sold frame
*WeissCannon Black5Edge 17/ Gosen OG Sheep Micro 18:
*WeissCannon Black 5 Edge 17/ Wilson Super Spin 16 Black:
*Gosen OG sheep micro 18:
*Yonex 850P:
Mamba Premium Natural Gut/ Iontec Black:
*Kirschbaum Hybrix Spin:
*Wilson Sensation Control:
*Discho Iontec Black 1.25/Kirschbaum Synthetic Gut 1.30:

Prince Original Graphite Playtests:
*Dunlop Black Widow/ OGSM:
More extensive BW thread:
*WeissCannon Silverstring/ OGSM:
*TourBite/ OGSM:

alidisperanza 02-21-2012 09:53 PM

More assorted video:
Unedited Doubles set


2 service games

Strings I currently have in *stock/access to:

Special thanks to TenFanLA and MadDog1 for helping me re-stock.

Discho Iontec Black 1.25**
Luxilon Adrenaline Rough
Luxilon Adrenaline
Luxilon Alu Rough
Luxilon M2 Pro**
Boris Becker Bomber**
PolyStar Energy*
Tourna Big Hitter Black 7**
Babolat Tonic*
Babolat VS BT 7 Black
Mamba Premium Natural
Kirschbaum Hybrix Spin**
Kirschbaum Hybrix Power**
Kirshbaum Pro Line II Black**
Wilson Sensation**
Wilson Sensation Control*
Wilson Hollow Core**
Wilson Super-Spin Black**
Tecnifiber NRG2
Gosen OG Micro White**

pvaudio 02-21-2012 09:56 PM

I just pulled up my chair. Got any popcorn? :)

mixedmedia 02-22-2012 04:20 AM

Nice collection. And I too am awaiting additions to this much anticipated thread.

mikeler 02-22-2012 05:09 AM


Originally Posted by pvaudio (Post 6342044)
I just pulled up my chair. Got any popcorn? :)

I'll bring the popcorn, you are responsible for the sodas.

pvaudio 02-22-2012 08:00 AM


Originally Posted by mikeler (Post 6342370)
I'll bring the popcorn, you are responsible for the sodas.

Medium or large? Or as we say in America, quart or half-gallon? :)

pvaudio 02-22-2012 08:22 AM

Who gave this 1-star? I'll help you out!

pvaudio 02-22-2012 08:23 AM

Oh, and what do the single vs. double asterisks mean?

alidisperanza 02-22-2012 08:33 AM

Single means I have 1-2 sets. Doulbe means I have a reel or multiple sets

pvaudio 02-22-2012 08:37 AM

Pro-Line 2 / Gosen Rectangle?

alidisperanza 02-22-2012 08:43 AM

Gosen Rectangle?

The last 2 are some weird gosen strings that someone sent me with one my Radicals years ago. They're kinda crummy :(

Larrysümmers 02-22-2012 08:55 AM

wilson super spin, isnt that a kevlarXsynth. hybrid?

mikeler 02-22-2012 08:59 AM


Originally Posted by pvaudio (Post 6342712)
Who gave this 1-star? I'll help you out!

4 Stars now

alidisperanza 02-22-2012 09:14 AM


Originally Posted by Larrysümmers (Post 6342781)
wilson super spin, isnt that a kevlarXsynth. hybrid?

Wilson Super Spin

It's a profiled soft Synth-- it's ok, kindof has a plasticky outer coating

pvaudio 02-22-2012 12:07 PM


Originally Posted by alidisperanza (Post 6342768)
Gosen Rectangle?

The last 2 are some weird gosen strings that someone sent me with one my Radicals years ago. They're kinda crummy :(

That's not the "Z" you're talking about?

mixedmedia 02-22-2012 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by mikeler (Post 6342790)
4 Stars now

I just helped too. :-)

alidisperanza 02-22-2012 12:58 PM

I received about 15 sets of this and some stuff called Gosen Pro-- they're not terrible synthetics but they stink to high hell. I have to keep them in a closed off container. If I do string any frames with them, I leave the string out-doors for a week prior.

mikeler 02-22-2012 03:47 PM

Possibly Gosen natty mixed with something else?

alidisperanza 02-22-2012 07:35 PM

Noooo, it's plastic through and through. I wish, but it doesn't hit that well.

Bad news for my wallet: I just acquired another 2 frames. A Microgel MP (which feels like a feather) and another LM MP

alidisperanza 02-26-2012 07:03 PM

"Jet" TourBite 17/PL II Black 17
Review in the general format I've been using

I was bored and can't find court time locally so I strung up a full poly TourBite 17/ PL. II 17) FXP Radical Tour 16x19 as close to "JET" as published-- finger tuning and all.

String: Tour Bite 17/ PL II. 17
Tension: All time low of 49 Reference tension
Racquet: Head Flexpoint Radical Tour. 100sq. in, 16x19 pattern

Stringing:It’s cake in this frame except for the jam up that is the tie offs—can be frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing

Extreme ball pocketing-- coming from 56lbs I actually uttered a rare "holy sh*t" when hitting my first forehand. The dwell time is significantly increased. Definitely a spin oriented setup. If you so desire, you can rip the ball high only to watch it dip at the baseline. Great for setting up points playing singles. Although it took some getting used to, it’s pretty easy to drive the ball flat as well because the frame pockets so well. The biggest downside I could find is that small adjustments and poor technique make this setup a cannon. Also, you have to be careful of your trajectory when paying doubles. Going for extra spin can cost you if the net man knows how to poach.

It was definitely a challenge for me to adjust but eventually I figured it out. PRACTICE WITH THIS FIRST if it’s your first time stringing like this. Great setup for hitting spin serves. The extra pocketing/ lower tension allows you to jump serves. While the access to power is definitely there, flat was very difficult for me to achieve. Definitely need to practice a lot more with this setup.

I hate to give the award to a brand new experimental poly setup but to date and for my style of game, this is the best volleying setup I’ve ever played with. The combination of the strings and the frame just works for me and my normally horrendous volleys become a weapon. The only thing I can compare this to is the feel of gut/poly. Comfort is there, the string responds snappy and crisp. The only reason I prefer this to gut/poly is because it is a touch less powerful and allows me more margin of error when going for winners.

Tension maintenance:
What can I say, it’s low tension to begin with. There is a noticeable drop in tension after the first few hours when the frame settles. The next big change is once you catch notches and the strings start to shift—a la starting to go dead. Fortunately, it’s not as glaringly obvious as Lux Rough @ 60 after a few hours or the change in Dunlop Black Widow.

8.5 hours of play, mostly doubles. Not terrible for a 16x19 frame! I was disturbingly surprised that the strings simply would not pop even though they were ¾ of the way notched. They just seem to hang on shot after shot.

Groundstrokes: 4/5 Very spin based
Serves: 3.5/5 Subjective, I had great difficulty serving with this
Volleys: 5/5
Spin: 4/5 when fresh
Power:3.5/5 Only because you HAVE to use spin
Comfort: 5/5
Tension: 4/5

33/40 overall

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