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MTXR 03-14-2012 06:25 PM

Players in Fort Worth, TX
I'm looking to get back into tennis from my ankle injury. All the people i used to play with have moved due to their jobs.

I'm around a 4.0 skill level.

Reply here if you want to have a hit.

Matsui 02-19-2013 10:44 AM

I just moved to Ft Worth. 3.5 player. Needing some hitting partners.

gavna 02-19-2013 11:28 AM

Tons of players in Ft Worth.......what part of town are you in? On the East, North East, South East sides you are so close to the Metroplex suburbs with again even more players, clubs and leagues.

Check out the Ft Worth Tennis Assoc or Tennis Ft Worth websites or links at the USTA Texas site.

BlackLendl 10-13-2014 03:55 PM

New in town!! Who wants to hit?!? "South side" Ft worth!! Holla!!
Been here about 4 months looking for hitting partner/s. Advanced beginner (don't have a Usta rating) that can maintain a rally for more than 10 hits. Get at me if your interested Ft Worth TT community.

dr325i 10-13-2014 06:41 PM

I work in FW (east side) and can play after work (North Richland Hills).
strong 4.0.

BlackLendl 10-23-2014 03:58 AM


Originally Posted by dr325i (Post 8793850)
I work in FW (east side) and can play after work (North Richland Hills).
strong 4.0.

My schedule varies from week to week but I'm down to have a hitting session!

BlackLendl 10-23-2014 04:24 AM

How about 7am at North Crowley H.S. this Sunday, Oct 26th. If that doesn't work for you, give me a time and place and I'll let you know If I can make it.

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