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Donald 06-18-2012 08:40 AM

USTA ratings question
Disclaimer - this question is not based on a real-life situation. Just curious, if self-rated players can be DQ'd up when their results are too good, is it also possible for somebody to be DQ'd down if their results are too bad? E.g. somebody self rates at 4.0, then plays a few matches and loses all of them with scores like 6:0, 6:1 to below-average 4.0 players - doesn't this warrant a DQ to 3.5 level the same way as beating the competition with the same scores would result in a DQ to 4.5? If yes, has anybody known/heard of this actually happening?

J_R_B 06-18-2012 08:45 AM

No, you cannot be moved down in level by the computer midseason. If this were a real life situation and I was losing 0 & 1 to lower rated players at a self-rating level, I'd probably file an appeal to be moved down since I'd likely not even be a strong player at the next level down. Middle States is typically pretty good about granting appeals that make sense, but I don't know of any actual situation where this happened.

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