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juanparty 07-22-2012 10:38 PM

Lion vs Tiger fight.

who would win?

Sentinel 07-23-2012 12:01 AM

You should do some reading up on Tigons and Ligers.

Jus sayin.

PSNELKE 07-23-2012 12:23 AM

A Tiger would win.

A tiger is more musclular and has way less body fat than a Lion.

Dgdavid 07-23-2012 12:24 AM

I think the accepted wisdom now is that although anything could happen in individual fights, all things being equal the male Lion will win more often than not despite being outweighed by the largest of Tigers. Male lions spend their entire time patrolling and fighting other lions, often to the death (rarely instant but from grave wounds). Apart from shagging and eating, that is pretty much all they do. They rarely get involved in hunts. Fights with other males are relatively common so they have a lot of experience of it in their lives. The mane of the male lion is larger and thicker to stop other lions getting to the throat area easily.

Tigers are more solitary and both genders are very good at hunting. Confrontations will other tigers are rare and serious incidents rarer still (no females/prides to attack for, just territorial overlaps).

Tigers > Lions for hunting. Lions > Tigers for fighting.

And this is why Federer > Nadal. Err...because.

Torres 07-23-2012 12:41 AM

"Lion v tiger? Pah! Both are pansies."


juanparty 07-23-2012 10:34 AM

Lion of course

double barrels 07-23-2012 12:25 PM

tiger woods

pkshooter 07-23-2012 12:46 PM


Originally Posted by double barrels (Post 6746882)
tiger woods

Go my elementary school mascott

Ronaldo 07-23-2012 01:01 PM

Cincy Bites, Go Lions, we have the juice and criminals now.

mmeyer1 07-23-2012 01:07 PM

Tigers... See picture for explanation

sapient007 07-23-2012 01:11 PM

if on grass, + 1 to tiger

if on clay, +1 to lion

if hard surface then about even. depends on wind condition and whether indoors/out

Golden Prime 07-23-2012 02:19 PM

Hmmm, this topic has been blowing up all over the place latley, I guess I can give another few pointer's...
Contuary to belife, [Averagley] lion's and tiger's are roughly the same size an weight's, and...
{What ever weight’s the tiger has reach so can the lion}
408kg=900 pound lion named Ali owned by Charle’s mason of king’sbridge
two…900 pound lions
- 900 pound lion,2398849
800 pound lion named ponto fight’s off 2 tiger’s
826 pound lion named simba
800 pound lion named mubasa
800 pound lion attack’s tarzan
2… 800 pound lion’s 1 named Prince an 1 named clarence
800 pound lion owner ruthledge
900 pound lion owned by Peter jackson
800 pound lion in circus
Trump: The Art Of The Deal
But Irving was very much like a lion tamer. You've seen these guys, maybe I50
pounds, who walk blithely into a cage where there's a magnificent 800~pound lion
800 pound lion named woody
CBS News investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian speaks about the debate and what it was like doing an interview within feet of a 900-pound lion.

JustBob 07-23-2012 02:35 PM

Tiger would lose if the lion is a female with a golf club.

Golden Prime 07-23-2012 02:56 PM

The fact is lion's live Coalition's and Pride's, an they compete with each other and gain fighting experince, so lion's are just the better fighter all around.

#1Lion’s have harder strike’s, shown in this clip hitting a bigger and hevier tiger the mane dosent weigh that much, it’s just very thick an dense hair an by the size of the tiger, his mass look’s even the same size of the lion’s mane, concluding the tiger is hevier an the lion still outpower’s him by bashing him with the usual haymaker’s lion’s throw, in the same instance the tiger threw first, yet the lion’s more powerful strike’s goes right threw the tiger’s attempt for a double strike which they usually use to grab , but the lion strike’s with such percsion an power he bashes the tiger so hard, he completely fliped the tiger on his back a meter away…
2. Lion’s are stronger in the front limb’s there bigger, taller, broader and stronger shoulder’s aid’s them in being better fighter’s an out wrestle’s tiger’s…
3. Pound for pound lion’s are way stronger than tiger’s, this lion look’s bigger but it’s only because of the mane, both lion and tiger are about the same size, yet he still hit’s harder, also chasing off the competition as they usually do, due to dominant trait’s of the male lion…also proving a lot of expert’s correct as tiger’s only throw wildly not accurately, in this fight the tiger misses 6 time’s an mostly all other fight’s tiger’s always miss more than 50% fighting a lion, here…
4. People like to use this video as the tiger is winning? It only prove’s what 80% of animal trainers an expert’s say…which is tiger’s are explosive fighter’s an tire themselve’s out quickly aiding there poor stamina, but how many time’s did the tiger land any thing at all? Let’s count them 1st lunge, barly nips the mane…which lunge’s cost energy…2nd lunge, misses which cost energy…3rd lunge misses…which cost’s energy, By doing so the lion is only using superior fighting tactic’s of dodging because they hardly clinch as tiger’s do, This video prove’s the other video^^^ that tiger’s have very poor accurate swipe’s more of just swinging wind mill’s along with the end every swipe is absorbed by the mane as the tiger must reap what hit’s his head area…

JohnnyCracker 07-23-2012 10:58 PM

kung fu panda ftw :mrgreen:

Golden Prime 07-23-2012 11:11 PM

Well I got some pretty good account's the lion killed the tiger in the wild in india 1 on 1...
31’st of March, 1851, In the “Landshuter Zeitung” (“Landshut Newspaper”)

A drama at the Ganges.

I’ll tell of one of these terrible fights, one you wouldn’t see again in a hundred years, a scene of blood and death that forever will haunt my mind. […] The lion and his rival, the tiger, need air and space in great quantity. Here, and only here, are they really able to live and to rule. […] (A long description of lions and tigers and how fierce both of them are, the actual event follows now) A Malayan slave ran towards us and shouted: “Lion! Lion! Down there, at the river! It’s a big, fierce lion!”

“One more reason to take shelter in the house,” continued the colonel. “Come, my friends, take the weapons! The lion is a troublesome guest.”

We closed the house’s doors; the slaves got weapons and guarded the basement. We, to welcome this guest admirably, climbed up to the gallery from which we could overlook the Ganges. An unusually big lion walked haughtily down there, not looking around as he does when he has to fight an opponent, but instead ambling slowly and thoughtfully like a philosopher, he walked there. He stopped from time to time to rest a minute, and then continued majestically his way. Under a magnificent palm, he stopped, turned around two times, and finally lay down in the shadow. This was the rest of a magnificent ruler that had nothing to fear from any adversary. He rested easily, as do those who have made no enemies.

Scarcely ten minutes had the lion lain there, when suddenly, he jumped up as though struck by lightning, roaring very deeply and scratching the ground with both hind legs, as though challenging an adversary. He lowered his head and, in a single bound, jumped at the palm’s stem to look about, to the right and left. Then he jumped down to ground to wait again, and his gaze lingered at one particular spot on the horizon.

“An enemy seems to approach,” the colonel said, “a terrible enemy, if we look at the lion’s reaction. I predict that it will be a fierce fight, and many rich people would pay a great sum to see it if they were here right now.”

“And why,” I asked, “don’t they stage some fights from time to time, if they would pay so much?”

“Because what we have here is very rare. The lion won’t fight against a human but against a fierce animal, one as strong as he himself, such as a rhinoceros, an elephant, or a tiger.”

“A tiger! It’s really a tiger!” one of us shouted pointing a finger at the dangerous beast which jumped in huge leaps towards the lion. It was breathtaking, our eyes wandered from the lion to the tiger and from the tiger to the lion. The lion still was lurking. It was a terrible spectacle and we wagered who will win. Now they stood eyeball to eyeball with each other. They’d seen each other and wouldn’t leave unless one of them was lying dead at the ground. The tiger was unbelievably huge and beautiful with his long black stripes distributed all over his yellowish body. His fearful eyes seemed to burn, his head was lowered. We stood, at the most, 200 feet away. The sun shone brightly, so we could see their every move. I don’t think I have to mention that our hearts were in our mouths. The tiger closed in on the lion, but the lion remained calm. In the latter, we could see the force of the calmness in his powerful position; in the tiger, one could believe to see the violent tension of someone who has the impudence to disrespect a close danger, one who had the will to assault it. We could see a certain twitch in his legs, but he wasn’t about to flee. Did the crouching tiger want to kill the lion? I believe it did, and I admire the royal tiger’s courage, he would rather lie down in a burning furnace than be accused of cowardice!

The lion had not moved at all, but we could see what was happening inside him by looking at his erected mane. From time to time, his countenance suggested a submissive gesture. But he, the king of animals, didn’t want to show any fear, but rather boldness, to his opponent. A duel was now inevitable. For the tiger it may be a glorious day, but for the lion it was certainly a festive day.

With one leap, they could grab, bite, tear each other; with one leap they’d jump over the space of 20 feet that separated them from each other. Then, they leaped! The crash equaled the crash of two ships in a tempest! We could hear the bones breaking under the weight of their terrible paws, we could see chunks of flesh falling to the ground. They made no sound, but their gruff moaning indicated their rage and pain. Neither showed superiority and we wondered who would win. If the lion were to think that he had overpowered the tiger, the latter could earn the victory with a single move, shattering the surprised lion.

The fight now lasted 10 minutes, and suddenly, as if they came to an agreement, both loosened their grip to gain their breath again. It was the motionlessness of the rage, but it was the calmness of the king. A few moments later, an unexpected incident which resurrected the fight took place: The tiger, which saw not only his defeat but also his death, used the moment. While his opponent was licking his wounded hind leg, he leaped 10 feet up the palm’s stem and stayed there. The lion looked around and couldn’t see his foe anymore; he roared, looked upwards, and he jumped at the tiger. But in this position it was impossible to continue the fight. They knew that only one of them would survive. The tiger jumped down and the lion followed him, but his leg caused him to shiver. A long fight wasn’t possible any more. Their claws were blunted, their jaws were tired, and they had lost much blood.

The fighters’ jaws were wedged in each other as they bit at each others’ heads; we could feel the bones crushing. Suddenly the tiger retreated, wavered and fell down. The lion seized him with his terrible paws and it seemed like he wanted to punish the defeated opponent for his resistance.

He didn’t loosen his grip, the merciless king of the forest, the feared lord of the wilderness; he tore the tiger apart, he crushed its skull. Suddenly a crocodile appeared out of the river. It seized the lion at his injured hind leg and dragged him into the water. The only remains of this fight were the dead tiger under the palm and some read streams of blood on the water surface.

Translated into English by Leofwin.
lion kills three tiger’s Source: Altoona Mirror, September 27., 1928

Sentinel 07-23-2012 11:29 PM


Originally Posted by sapient007 (Post 6746989)
if on grass, + 1 to tiger

if on clay, +1 to lion

if hard surface then about even. depends on wind condition and whether indoors/out

lion onlee loose if injuried.

Golden Prime 07-23-2012 11:35 PM

I even got one in the Roman arena, where a lion defeated a tiger 1 on 1...


Golden Prime 07-25-2012 03:35 PM

Here, I got a few more of the lions killing tigers
2 tigers died, In the the big cage tiger from a lion-(Video)
Genius books/Animal facts, Lion named Nero killed Tim the tiger in
an Australian zoo – Documentary.
M. Herbert’s mengerine lion kills male royal bengal tiger. (New’s article)
Dave hoover tiger’{s} killed by lion’s

subz 07-25-2012 05:01 PM

Tiger Wins ! An adult male tiger from Northern India or Siberia outweighs an average male lion by around 45.5 kg (100 lb) (From Wiki).

Take this:

Caged animals do not represent actual fights, since animals breed in captivity do not learn the hunting instincts . This the reason when unfortunate people who mistakenly enter tiger cages in a zoon are killed as a result of several bites, as tigers have not learned to go for the the throat and kill quickly.

If you count the animals kept in captivity, here is a story for lion supporters:

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