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tennis005 07-25-2012 03:00 PM

FS: Dunlop Max 200G Custom Paint!!!! 8.5/10 4 1/4 grip
1x Dunlop Max 200G (new paint job)
8.5/10. A few scratches.
All original paint and decals were gone when purchased so it was repainted in two different shades of green. Notice: Paintjob was by no means professional. There are imperfections in the paint but the racket itself is sound and looks very nice!
4 1/4? grip
Make me an offer!

I accept paypal. Contact me at

tennis005 07-26-2012 01:19 PM

Willing to entertain any serious offer!

SwankPeRFection 07-26-2012 10:10 PM

Part of what makes a 200G special IS the original paint job.

tennis005 07-27-2012 05:44 PM

I know...unfortunately all the paint had faded off the racket so I thought id give it a little life. I have 200Gs with the original paint...i mainly used this one to hit and experiment with strings. Thanks!

Quadium 08-02-2012 05:32 PM

how much u selling it for?

tennis005 08-08-2012 11:51 AM

Hit me with an offer!

tennis005 08-08-2012 01:49 PM

I am looking to get 70 plus shipping cost for the racket but it is negotiable. Thanks!

tennis005 08-09-2012 02:58 PM

65 plus shipping!

tennis005 08-10-2012 04:14 PM

Still available!

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