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neverstopplaying 08-07-2012 03:44 AM

Finished my 1st roll of lead tape!
I ordered a roll from TW a few years and thought it would last me a lifetime.

Turns out that I end up modifying most racquets that I buy and I've bought a lot of racquets. With simple tools to measure balance and weight, its pretty easy to set up and match racquets dead-on the 1st time around. I never change it.

Of course, thanks to fellow posters, I get good ideas where to place the lead, but usually go to 3 and 9 and sometimes 12. Counterbalance, unless racquet is already very headlight with leather, or silicone, or lead in butt cap.

My 2nd roll should arrive today so I can add mass to my 2nd BC20. Of course I had to order a few RDiS 200s to justify the 27$ shipping fee to Canada. Thanks PP I couldn't resist.

Fuji 08-07-2012 06:17 AM

I know that feel bro, with the shipping fee to Canada it's like "man I better make this a good order..." and then with customs you're like, "oh man this was way too much... wait I forgot half the stuff I needed anyway..."



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