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Mikeplaystenniss 08-25-2012 06:34 PM

Judge me off this video and stats?
At the time of this video I was a junior in my spring season of tennis. I am ranked 122 in Texas, and looking to play D3 or maybe even D2. I feel that my goals are realistic. I have phenomenal grades, so that's not a problem.
I am now a senior in high school and just shy of super-champ status. My play level has increased and I'd say I'm a solid 4.5. Big forehand and serve.

I've improved a lot since this video taken in February.

Also excuse the audio, my friend recorded it at a tennis tournament in Lakeway on his iPhone. That explains the quality.

Seriously looking at schools such as Mary-Hardin Baylor, St. Edwards, etc. Thanks!

I want serious feedback.

Mikeplaystenniss 08-25-2012 06:39 PM

OH. I'm the kid who starts further away from the camera. This was conso-finals. I came back and won. I'm in the BLUE SHIRT.

Mikeplaystenniss 08-25-2012 07:12 PM

Got my serve the other day clocked at 113MPH.
I'm 6' 1"
right handed.
Two handed backhand.
Just your average kid, looking to play collegiate tennis, I guess. Just rate me and comment! I love feedback and constructive criticism.

Dunlop300t 08-25-2012 10:06 PM

i see that you hit little bit like roddick. i dont know how hard your groundies are but if you want to hit a very hard fast pace shot, i make most of my core. The most important in tennis is your core, your core is strong you build pace in your shots. so like if your going to hit a top spin forehand it is crucial in todays game that you must leave the ground, that will give you the most freedom to your muscles and esp your core equaling harder shots. thats just for power but your footwork needs to be fixed. i dont know if you have heard of snakes or some call them lines, you must do those that will fix your movement because that will train you to stop and run on a dime. other than that just start moving more precisely and you will be very good. your very good now but i always seek to be better so i will give you the same advice.

Jack the Hack 08-26-2012 02:17 AM

First of all, yes... it is realistic for you to play college tennis at a place like Mary Hardin-Baylor or a similar unranked D2 or D3 school. Ranked teams, like St Edwards, might be tougher to get playing time on, but you could probably make their rotation with further improvement.

Your video shows some weaknesses in footwork and preparation, consistancy, and the backhand slice needs work. However, there were some nice foundations with the serve and forehand. You don't look better than a 3.5 or weaker 4.0 in the video, but I believe that you could improve if you've been working hard and playing tournaments.

D3 tennis, especially at the schools you mentioned, is not that much different than playing for a good high school team. The national championship contender teams will have some 5.5 or better players, but most schools will have a mix of 3.5 to 5.0 players on their rosters. Mary Hardin-Baylor was 9-7 last year, and it doesn't look like their roster is filled with world-beaters. As I mentioned, St Edwards was better and had a national ranking, so you might make their team, but it might take a year or two before you are playing a lot of matches. Have you contacted the coaches of these teams yet?

Also, my advice is to pick the school based on their academics, the fit for the college lifestyle you want, the cost, and the career you are shooting for. Tennis should just be a bonus.

Mikeplaystenniss 08-26-2012 05:31 AM

Thanks guys, much appreciated.
I have contacted some schools and the UMHB coach seems interested as of late.
I will start working footwork more and mention that to my coach.

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