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Pipo 09-06-2012 03:37 AM

Duda con compra en TW USA
Acabo de hacer una compra por primera vez en TW USA, indumentaria deportiva, todo bien, sin embargo, me llegó el siguiente correo que no se si corresponda a TW:

Thank you for placing an order with Tennis Warehouse! Our online ordering system is very secure and ensures that no one can tap into your transmission and use your credit information. However, this does not stop people from entering false information. This authorization form is a procedure to confirm that the authorized cardholder has made the order. This is an extra security measure we require to protect you, the cardholder, and Tennis Warehouse, from credit card fraud. The form below is issued to all new customers and will not be required for future orders. (* Previous customers using a shipping address and/or card number different to the one we have on file may be asked to complete a new authorization form.) Required Information:The following information will need to be e-mailed, faxed, or sent via postal mail before an order can be processed:
1. The name, address and telephone number of the bank issuing your credit card
2. A copy of your credit card (both sides)
3. A copy of your personal identification card or driver's license
4. The signed credit card authorization form below
AUTHORIZATION FORM: I, ________________________, authorize Tennis Warehouse to charge my credit card,______________________, in the amount of $________ for the purchase of merchandise on Order #______________. ___________________________________Cardholder's signature Credit Card Bank Name: _______________________________________________ Bank Address: __________________________________________________ _____ Bank Phone Number: _____________________ Your order will be processed once we receive the necessary information. You are welcome to send the information via the following methods: 1. E-mail to info@tennis-warehouse.com2. Fax to 805.781.64763. Mail to: Tennis WarehouseInternational Department181 Suburban Rd.San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 USA. If you do not wish to provide the necessary authorization information, you are welcome to pay with via money order made payable to Tennis Warehouse, or via wired funds transfer. Please e-mail or call for more information regarding these payment options. Sincerely, Tennis WarehouseOnline Service Departmentinfo@tennis-warehouse.com800.883.6647805.781.6464805.781.6476 can check the status of your order and track shipments at:

Por favor diganme si corresponde o no a TW.


California 09-06-2012 09:13 PM

Si, es un mensaje de TW en los EU.

TWE Staff 09-06-2012 10:38 PM

¡Hola Pipo!

Efectivamente, es un e-mail de TW en EE. UU, cuyo objetivo es ofrecer la máxima seguridad a nuestros clientes.

Si tienes más dudas acerca de dicho e-mail o de cualquier otra cuestión, estamos aquí para resolverlas. :-)

¡A disfrutar de tu nueva equipación!

Un saludo,
TWE Staff

Pipo 09-07-2012 06:53 AM


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