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domosborn 09-20-2012 09:45 AM

Grommets and 3D printing
As I often see on sites etc, many consumers who have old racquets struggle to find grommets, was wondering whether the advent of 3d printing means that grommets can be made, low cost, to order, for older racquets, these machines cost less than a decent stringer- if the raacquet companies released designs for the grommets, then this could change a lot maybe? Or have I overlooked something?- No sure if this is the right forum, thanks

esgee48 09-20-2012 12:57 PM

Most CAD software will interface with these devices so that won't be an issue if the designs are already in CAD. Only problem I see may be in the grommet tubes as the prototype is created. Simple 3D structures with no internal hollows was a restriction when these machines first came out. Doing right half, then left half would take care of that problem easily enough cuz you can glue the halves together as a last step. Another issue is trademarking/copyright. Frames are patented and I assume that their molds, etc are also covered. Don't know if there are legal impediments. And finally, there is the prototypical material. It has to be flexible and yet hard. IT IS A GOOD IDEA THOUGH. :???:

Bugs 09-20-2012 01:17 PM

I have a 3D printer sitting right next to me now. No way will it be sutable to print grommets. Something to hold and look at ok, but to use for real no way. The material will simply break with the thin sections of the grommet. I would say in the near future we will have the capability, but at the moment no. Yes good idea.......

domosborn 09-21-2012 03:13 AM

Hmm yeah, good point about the materials, from the article i read on bbc news I got the impression that the technology had reached the point where it was more than a prototype, however if you are in possesion of one you almost certainly know a lot more than me, thanks ever so much for the feedback though, if you have any other comments or things to add I would really appreciate it, cheers

db10s 09-21-2012 11:38 AM

They have those water jets that make custom metal parts.... The tech is probably there

Donquixote2u 09-26-2012 12:59 AM

I am starting to collect classic racquets, and have already struck the obsolete grommet issue, so wondered exactly the same thing.

I'm pretty sure you should be able to find someone who can do it right now;
the low-end home 3d printer might not be able to, but the high-end ones can - see here ->

Laser scanners can scan the part (beam must be able to see the whole contour, which it almost certainly could with a grommet strip) so you wouldn't even need a pattern - even an old broken grommet could be patched and then scanned.

heck even the DIY guys are starting to work with nylon, etc -

cottage industry, anyone?

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