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FedMex 10-06-2012 09:09 PM

Not to rehash an old subject, but...Fed's grip
I've followed the what grip is Fed using threads a bit and studied Fed's game alot on slow motion video. In case anyone cares anymore, I wanted to show a video that is the most conclusive I've seen on his using a semi-Western.

My own view is Fed uses an Eastern to modified Eastern on return of serve and modified Eastern to near pure Semi-Western on forehand. Certainly on clay and to minimize his shanking he is now playing near pure semi-western almost exclusively the last couple of years. Maybe when he was young and had a more penetrating forehand he was closer to Eastern but he plays with more margin and spin now.

Pause the frames repeatedly at the 3:00 mark and you'll see there is no way anyone can say that's an Eastern or modified one. 2009 French

kaku 10-06-2012 09:35 PM

Idk but in this video you can clearly see he uses an eastern

NadalDramaQueen 10-06-2012 09:56 PM

I think Fed changes his grip every now and then just to throw everyone off the trail. He needs to reveal the truth in order to end all of the madness.

winstonplum 10-06-2012 10:46 PM

It's always been total, one hundred percent, no debate, eastern. Anybody who was a good sense of how racquets move through the hitting zone and how hands look on the racquet when they are doing certain things, can tell it's eastern. No one on the tour uses a full Western. 98% of the top pros hit with a semi-western, including Nadal. Federer is unique once again, along with his 90 sq in racquet head and his one hand bh.

FedMex 10-06-2012 11:52 PM

Kaku, you are correct, he is using an Eastern in that warm up rally. I guess he can hit with both as many are saying and it depends on his strategy, etc. I'm fine accepting that he can play with either, but definitely take a look at the video I posted and if you want to see that in that particular shot, when at the end of the stroke where you can freeze the frame and see the angle of the racquet face straight up to the camera, he is clearly holding the racquet in a semi-western grip.

no one should say he "always" hits with an eastern or modified eastern because at least on this and a few other clips, he is hitting with a semi-western.

honestly, it doesn't matter and no need to belabor this subject because i agree he probably often plays with eastern or modified eastern if he wants. I hit with a modified eastern and recently moved slightly closer to a near semi-western and can hit with either equally well (with more spin and clearance on the net with the near semi). in fact, by focusing for 3 to 5 minutes on the grip i want to use, i can move to consistently hit with that grip without thinking about it for the rest of a match or hitting session.

i just thought it was one of the clearer clips to show him having hit at least one ball with a semi-western. thanks kaku and others...

Bk_Mais 10-07-2012 12:25 AM

The shot he makes at 3:00 def is semi-western. But most of his shots are modified eastern. IMHO of course :)

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