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darklore009 11-07-2012 10:55 AM

Heaviest Racket you ever tried
Just curious on how heavy you tried a racket at. I'm currently playing with my 13.5oz k90 with a swingweight of 355. I used to play for a high school team, and many people tried to use my racket. They complained that it's really heavy. They even asked me how did i get used to it. almost all of them use a pure drive plus because of coach. I like my racket because it stands out from the rest. it also unique to my playing style and almost everyone can't use it.

El Diablo 11-07-2012 10:59 AM

My first racquet, the Slazenger Challenger Number 1, its wood laminations visible and polished, 14 3/4 ounces. And I was about ten years old.

PrimeChoice 11-07-2012 11:19 AM

The old Wilson Profile Oversize was a big hit for some time back in the day.

Other than that probably Pete's signature model.

dhdriver 11-07-2012 11:50 AM

I once demoed the K Factor Pro Staff 88? At that time I wasn't as strong and thought it was too heavy for me. Don't think I'll try it again.

TennisCJC 11-07-2012 12:48 PM

12.6 oz customized old model TF320. 6 HL, SW probably around 335-340

SteveI 11-07-2012 12:56 PM

The Old Pro Kennex Black Ace Tour....


Head Sizes:
95 sq. in. / 613 sq. cm.

Length: 27 inches / 69 cm
20mm Maximum Width
100% Ultra-High Modulus Graphite
Strung Weight:
12.8 ounces / 363 grams
Power Level: Low
Babolat Racquet Diagnostic
Center (RDC) Data:
Stiffness: 66 (0-100)
Inertia: 346 (200-400)
Manueverability: B, 56 (0-100)
Stroke Style: Full
Swing Speed: Fast
Balance: 7pts Head Light
Racquet Color:
Black & White w/Red & Black Lettering
Grip Type:
Cushion Grip
String Tension:
48-70 pounds

String Pattern:
16 Mains / 18 Crosses
Mains skip: 7T,9T,7H,9H
Two Piece
No shared holes

Lazarus 11-07-2012 12:58 PM

Yonex R-50. I was using it some 22-23 years ago... and I still believe that it was the heaviest stick I ever hold in my hand.

Mick 11-07-2012 01:05 PM

a few years ago i bought a racquet that Sharapova had used from the auction site. it had some leads on the frame. I played with it a few times and gave up. It's too heavy for me. She's pretty strong :)

Stein 11-07-2012 01:07 PM

I have a Snauwaert Ellipse Touch C which i pumped full with silicon down the handle. In now weigths 399 grams (strung plus overgrip) and it plays pretty good (only for short time, max 1 our doubles) :)

Other frames i regularly use are HEAD Graphite pro at 375 gram (strung plus overgrip)
To be Honest these are a little to heavy for optimal playability.
350 - 360 (strung) is a great weigth :-)

purple-n-gold 11-07-2012 01:45 PM

That I weighed in recent yrs would be a Vilas woodie 382g and a capd PT280 365g, strung.

Bowtiesarecool 11-07-2012 01:55 PM

My first two racquets, a $40 Head from W**mart, and a Prince O3 white, I had leaded up to 410g and 389g respectively.

Cesare 11-07-2012 04:21 PM

Rossignol f395 leaded to 392 grams and 370 swingweight..

zapvor 11-07-2012 05:31 PM

i would say either a woodie or t2000. hated both

Ronski 11-07-2012 05:56 PM

KPS 88... 363 grams... produces a heavy ball... the plow-through is amazing... very solid at net... but the problem is me... It's hard to serve with this baby on a 4th set...

goosala 11-07-2012 06:00 PM

I think the heaviest frame I ever owned was the Yamaha Secret 04. It was 13 ozs.

klementine 11-07-2012 06:19 PM

Stock- a k88 that came in at 13.1oz

Modded- a MgPrestigeMid that received too much silicone and lead lovin'. 13.8oz, I believe was the final spec.

NLBwell 11-07-2012 08:23 PM


Originally Posted by El Diablo (Post 7000799)
My first racquet, the Slazenger Challenger Number 1, its wood laminations visible and polished, 14 3/4 ounces. And I was about ten years old.

For me, also probably the Challenge #1 or the wood with graphite inlays Challenge Graphite. They were probably the heaviest wood rackets I played with.
My original Kennex Black Aces are ~14 oz stock.

Kalin 11-07-2012 09:42 PM

I also started with some nondescript woodie which may have been 14-15 oz and to a (then) skinny kid it felt really heavy. No wonder I exclusively hit a sliced backhand for the first 10 years of my tennis life :( Two-handers weren't in vogue then :)

Marcus2137 11-07-2012 09:56 PM

I got a Head Prestige MP prostock that was about 387g and had a swingweight of 402 (25-30g on the head, made up of 8 strips of 1/4" lead from about 2:30 to 9:30, and 2 strips from 2 to 10, IIRC I'm not looking at my notes now). I played wonderfully with it, such smooth strokes, such power... for about 20-30 minutes, and then I was exhausted.

pkshooter 11-07-2012 10:20 PM

Some yonex steel oldie... Like 50 in head. My actual racket is like 13 oz I think. People get mentally flustered I think, because really guys... It's an oz, every one benches at least the bar, so I see mishits due to the swing weight being off, but a 4 isn't gonna lose to a 3.5 because his stick is heavy

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