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KickItUp 11-09-2012 09:00 AM

Gamma X2 starting mains - pull both strings?
I am finally getting the hang of using this stringer and it took a third try getting my first decent string job. I got a lot of help from the videos posted by some of the forum members on youtube.
One thing I still am not sure of is with starting the mains. Most of the videos posted require you to pull the first two main strings together when starting. But these were not for dropweight type stringers. I tried this on x-2 and one string would always slip. One of the videos, this one , shows a starting clamp without any tension pulled.
So the question, do you really need tension on the first strings? I would expect them to be tensioned when you are pulling the adjacent string on each side. If it is needed then how do you do it with a dropweight?

anubis 11-09-2012 09:27 AM

Use a starting pin. One probably came with your stringing machine.

Irvin 11-09-2012 10:15 AM

The start pin is a Klippermate product and does not come with the Gamma machine.

I would use a starting clamp if you have one. Run in the first two center mains and clamp 1RM with the starting clamp outside the frame and pull tension on 1LM. Then clamp the two center mains as close to the tension head as possible inside the frame. Then tension 2LM and move the flying clamp to 1&2LM as close to the tension head as possible inside the frame. Then tension 3LM and clamp 2&3LM inside the frame with the flying clamp as close to the tension head as possible.

Then tension 1RM, removenthe starting clamp, and use the other flying clamp to clamp the first 6 mains on the right side of the racket.

KickItUp 11-09-2012 11:21 AM

Thanks, that helps a lot. One followup question - When tensioning 1LM -3LM are we using a single flying clamp or both? If single then is the starting clamp sufficient to hold the tension? Luckily I had ordered the gamma starting clamp a couple of weeks ago.

Irvin 11-09-2012 11:59 AM

Yes one starting clamp there is enough. You will use one flying clamp for all the left side mains and the other starting clamp for all the right side mains.

Starting your crosses works the same. Clamp the top cross with anstarting clamp and pull the second cross. Then you have two strings to clamp on with the flying clamps.

When you pull tension on 1LM you will not have full tension on 1RM because of the friction at the frame connecting 1LM to 1RM. But when you remove the starting clamp after pulling tension on 1RM all will balance out. Same on the crosses. You will not have full tension on the top cross until you remove the starting clamp. I do that at the very end.

KickItUp 11-09-2012 06:07 PM

thanks, that worked out well. the first time I strung without looking at any videos or stopping and actually enjoyed it :)

Irvin 11-10-2012 02:55 AM


Originally Posted by KickItUp (Post 7005353)
thanks, that worked out well. the first time I strung without looking at any videos or stopping and actually enjoyed it :)

And I doubt you did but had you timed your start you would have found you probably sayed a minute starting your mains. Many people run in one side of string after measuring it and clamp it off. Then they run in the other side and pull tension. I don't.

I start on the wrong end now. Assume you have a racket that starts in the throat and you need 10' of string for each side of the mains. I place the starting clamp at about 11' from the end and start the right main from the top then loop the string to the left side. I pull the left main from the top while holding the loop at the bottom with my left hand. In the time it takes to pull one string through i have ran in two and i am ready to pull tension. I am using fixed clamps and I will never have two clamps butted up against each other either and i can always gets the clamps on each side of the racket right up against the frame.

KickItUp 11-11-2012 05:38 AM

That is neat, I am going to give it a try the next time. I am using the flying clamps which came with the m/c. They feel bulky but get the job done. One good thing about this method is the clamps are not adjacent to each other. Thats something I had to be careful about when doing it without the starting clamp.
I might invest in better clamps down the road but I am happy with the setup for the time being :)

Irvin 11-11-2012 05:52 AM

Even with fixed clamps with tight string patterns you will have the clamps butting up against each other from time to time. Using the starting clamp to start your mains eliminates that.

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