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uncooling 11-14-2012 12:22 PM

Black Friday Tennis Balls
Hey guys,

I was wondering if there are any deals on tennis balls on BF next friday (not just TW, but in general).

I hope to buy some tennis balls (particularly Wilson US Open or Penn Balls) if they go on sale on BF, but am not sure if they go on sale at all!

Does any store go on major sales on tennis balls, and if so which ones?

I've been checking out at the BF deals at Walmart, and Costco, but it doesn't mention tennis balls sepcifically.

Any experience on buying tennis balls on BF?

thanks a lot!! :)

yeeba 11-14-2012 12:27 PM

XXX Penn practice balls
I like to buy XXX Penn tennis balls at 99 cent store. They're great for rally or ball hopper. I used them primarily for my kids practice. You can't beat the price either 99 cents for 3 pressurized balls.

2ManyAces 11-14-2012 01:01 PM

Im ginna stock up on everything tennis lol

shogun90 11-14-2012 01:01 PM

Sports Authority will have an 8 pk (7 champ and 1 ATP) of Penn's for 14.99 on BF midnight to 3AM and Penn 12pk for 19.99 11/23 - 11/24.

SJSA 11-14-2012 01:04 PM

Sports Authority will have a 12 pk for 19.99 as well.

Chotobaka 11-14-2012 03:38 PM

Does Sports Authority still have the deal on bags/tubs of Penn pressureless balls? I am using Tretorn Micro-X these, but I seem to recall them having a tremendous, once-a-year Black Friday sale on these.

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