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coolblue123 11-15-2012 04:16 AM

Donnay X-Dual Silver Lite Extended Question
Hi TW Folks:
I'd like to get your on opinion the Donnay X-Dual Silver Lite Extended. What racquet is it comparable with? Also like to know how much power and size of the sweetspot as well.
I really like the specs of a lighter, stiffer, and extended racquet.
Heard alot of good things about Donnay Thin Beams and like to try.
Thanks as always.

TW Staff 11-15-2012 08:25 AM

It is tough to compare that racquet to another as it has such a stand alone spec and even more so, feel. The Donnay racquets have a very smooth and plush feel to them. I found the added length made it feel nice and solid, guessing the swingweight to be around 320 - 325 and was surprised to see the actual spec to be only 317. Spin is easy to get as the string pattern plays pretty open and the added length helps increase tip speed.

If you are looking for a longer racquet with lots of feel, easy access to spin and a decently lively response -- although still very much a control-oriented stick -- then this one is well worth a look.

Chris, TW

coolblue123 11-15-2012 10:31 AM

Thanks, as always, Chris!

zapvor 11-20-2012 07:44 AM

chris-you have any more x blacks or blues lying around? i need one!

TW Staff 11-20-2012 02:57 PM

Yes but we need to keep them, sorry.

Chris, TW

zapvor 11-20-2012 03:47 PM

thanks for letting me know

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