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stringertom 11-27-2012 10:11 PM

.5 Man Bites The Dog That Feeds Him!
What are they smoking on the set of Two & A Half Men???

We all know what Charlie was on but this latest gaffe by the twerp takes the cake! Talk about ingratitude...a fat little kid is set for life just from residuals and has now graduated to a $350M/episode salary. Now he turns on his meal ticket and calls the show "filth". Kinda reminds me of certain tennis players who complain of an overlong schedule that allows them millions of earnings on and off the court.

Larrysümmers 11-27-2012 11:00 PM

not his fault thats what he thinks of the show. good for him for having an opinion.

Say Chi Sin Lo 11-28-2012 12:09 AM


Originally Posted by Larrysümmers (Post 7035786)
not his fault thats what he thinks of the show. good for him for having an opinion.

Yeah I don't see how it's a controversy when it's the truth.

hollywood9826 11-28-2012 03:31 AM

The kids 19. Hes gonna change his opinion about 25 more times the next year on a bunch of stuff. I sorta respect the kid for saying what he thinks despite the fact that it will rpobabl destroy his career in the future. If he wants a career, maybe he wants to be the 7th day adventist kirk cameron.

stringertom 11-28-2012 04:15 AM

^^^Right about the flip-flopping...he has already toned it down with a pseudo-apology. Maybe a phone call from the agent got through. Anyway, Angus' version of hypocrisy is not nearly smooth enough for me to swallow without gagging like it's castor oil...if you want to blast on your breadwinner, quit first and make sure to at least tithe your residual check to your spirtual organization or anchor. Otherwise, STFU and laugh all the way to the bank.

Claude Rains had hypocrisy nailed as Capt. Renault in Casablanca. Let's chip in and buy the brat a copy of it to study how much more smooth he needs to be before becoming tolerable.

PSNELKE 11-28-2012 04:56 AM

The kid's an idiot.
Ain't complaining about the millions he got for filming that crap.

mikeler 11-28-2012 05:34 AM

Just a dumb 19 year old. He should put his money where his mouth is and quit the show. Otherwise, shutup and collect coin.

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