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cluelessmoose 11-28-2012 03:00 AM

ECU Tendon Problems
Has anyone had any experience with ECU tendon problems? Are they more frequent for those using a semi-western or western forehand? Thanks.

ollinger 11-28-2012 07:48 AM

^^ probably. ECU problems are more likely the greater the extent of forearm rotation, as is likely with more extreme grips.

charliefedererer 11-28-2012 08:44 AM

The extensor carpi ulnaris muscle runs from the thumb side of the side of the elbow to the pinky side of the wrist.

To understand what is going on at the site of your tendon, check out my post #10 in this thread. [Although the post is on tennis elbow, the same thing is likely happening in your ECU tendon, just at the wrist end instead of the elbow end. So the same explanations and advice, including rest and rehab exercises would also apply to you.]

A note on the Flexbar red: You can see from the illustration of ECU muscle above that it spirals down around the forearm before inserting at the wrist. That's why doing the twisting motion in the Tyler Twist exercise would seem to be particularly good to strengthen the muscle.
Thera-Band FlexBar Video Demonstration

You may also find this page on ECU tendonitis from Memorial Hospital helpful: https://secure.familyhealthtracker.c...f6d8625ddf298a

While a stiff frame and strings is known to contribute to tennis elbow, it could also contribute to your ECU tendonitis. What type of racquet and strings do you play with?

Also, if you have any doubt about your technique, having a pro check out not only your forehand, but also your backhand and serve would be a good idea. (The serve in particular involves ulnar deviation of the hand, and could be a main source of your problem.)

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