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champy511 12-02-2012 06:34 PM

FS: 2 Donnay XP-Tour rackets
I have 2 rackets for sale. It is the racket that Jim Courier is currently using. I saw Andre Agassi used it at an exo. Though both of them used the paint job of X-P Dual Pro, they are actually using the specs of the Tour version, a bit heavier and a bit difference in the balance, I believe the stiffness may be different too.
Anyway, this is the one with the blue grommet, instead of orange.
Here are the link for the specs:

Compare to this:

Both have no cracks, just wear and tear, L4 4 3/8, 27" length.

1. 8.5/10, strung with Gamma Infinity, very clean, $125 shipped

2. 8/10, because it has a mistaken paint job. It painted with the X-P Dual info, on the throat, the writing "Dual" is covered with a sticker says, "Tour". Other than that feels like the Tour version. I'm letting this one go for $100 shipped. Strung with a hybrid string of Gamma Verve, that has a "not for resale" printed on it.

Paypal only, conus only. Good references on the TW. Email me for pictures or offers at champy511@hotmail.c o m. If you want both racket, I'll go for $200 shipped. Thanks for looking.

champy511 12-06-2012 10:44 AM

Price Dropped!!!

1st racket $115 shipped
2nd racket $90 shipped
Both for $180 shipped

champy511 12-13-2012 08:29 AM

Rackets sold!!! Thanks TW!!

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