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shawnpadro2222 12-02-2012 08:55 PM

Prince P200 FS/T, Local Pickup Columbus, Ohio
Hello everyone, I want to start off by saying that this Tennis Stringer I have for sale or trade is very heavy, the Prince P200. It will have to be pickup only for this machine b/c I will not be able to ship it. After I had purchased the machine about 4 years ago I looked up more information about it and when the machine was being sold by authorized dealer in the 90's it was shipped in 4 boxes due to its weight.

I have actually never used this machine before. I purchased it b/c it came from a gentleman who's son strung for a local club in the 90's and it came with boxes of string, leather grips and other tennis extra's that I wanted. You could tell that the family took great care of it and it has everything. The looks of the machine are a 9 out of 10.

The machine turns on but the compressor stays on and I do not know how to work the machine and have never tried b/c I have always had multiple other crank machines I have used. As far as I am aware the air compressor should turn off once the machine is on b/c the air compressor becomes full of air. I have only ever turned it on for a few minutes so maybe I just did not give it enough time to fill.

Here are some pics. I am in Columbus, Ohio. What is included is the following:
There are many pieces to the machine that will be included:
4 glide bars
Prince F plastic piece for mounting (2), I plastic piece for mounting (2), Prince C plastic piece for mounting, Prince D plastice piece for mounting, Prince B plastic piece for mounting, Prince J plastic piece for mounting, Prince E plastic piece for mounting, Prince K plastic piece for mounting (3), and Prince A plastic peice for mounting of frame.

2 red and 1 black Gamma Stencil Ink.

3 sets of string from the 90's. 2 are Prince Nylon racquet String 15L Gauge and 1 is Prince Synthetic 15L Guage.

17 Time to Restring stickers to write the date of the string job, string type and tension for your client and stick on the inside of the throat of the racquet so your client will have the details of their last string job available when they go to restring again.

2 packs of Prince Precision Graphite Racquet Replacement grommets.

4 Replacement Prince Butt Caps that are of different sizes.

WINN ABSORB-MOR professional disposable grip tape from the 90's.

4 pieces of grip tape to tape down undergrip or overgrips and 1 gamma rubber piece to place on the top of the grip near the throat on your racquet.

I can be contacted at


shawnpadro2222 01-01-2013 04:02 PM

Sold! Thanks everyone.

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