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heartattack 12-03-2012 08:08 PM

1pc stringing on tube using gamma x2
hOpe someone can post a video for this... thanks a bunch! i have 2 flying clamps and starting clamp. will be stringing a 18x19 string pattern racquet.

Lakers4Life 12-03-2012 08:14 PM

YouTube would be first place I would search for a Video of someone using a Gamma X-2 soing a 1 piece job.

Irvin 12-04-2012 01:17 AM


Originally Posted by heartattack (Post 7045473)
hOpe someone can post a video for this... thanks a bunch! i have 2 flying clamps and starting clamp. will be stringing a 18x19 string pattern racquet.

The number of crosses does not matter only the mains and which holes are skipped. The crosses are normally strung from the top down but may be strung from the bottom up. It depends on the manufacturer as to whether or not bottom up stringing of crosses is allowed.

if the mains start in the throat of the racket the mains will end at the head of the racket and top down stringing of crosses is easy. If the mains start at the head of the racket they will end at the throat and since you want to do 1 piece stringing you have to either use an ATW pattern, stringing bottom up, or use two piece stringing.

I would suggest using two piece stringing no matter where your mains start and end but since you want to do one piece we have to know what specific racket you have so we have an idea of where to start.

heartattack 12-04-2012 08:04 AM

tfight 325 `irvin.

Irvin 12-04-2012 10:08 AM

Well that's recommended to string two piece as the mains will end in the throat. Do you want to string it bottom up or use an ATW pattern. My preference would be to use two piece especially if you are new to stringing.

EDIT: Your big issue is you are using flying clamps and that will make it difficult to start you crosses when transitioning from mains to crosses. Fixed clamps would be a piece of cake.

jim e 12-04-2012 10:14 AM

For your racquet, the manufacturer lists it to be strung as 2 piece only.
That said, if it is an absolute necessity to have it strung as one piece, I would utilize an ATW pattern to be sure the cross strings are strung top down.

Personally I would recommend a two piece job, but if you choose to string a one piece, use an ATW pattern.
Also, like Irvin said, with floating clamps, there could be an issue on an ATW going from mains to first cross string. to be honest, I never used floating clamps as I always just used fixed clamps as even my old Serrano machine I bought back in 1968 had fixed clamps.Maybe someone here would have an easy way to post using a starting clamp and 2 floating clamps and properly clamping the 1st cross string that makes the transition if you are set on an ATW one piece.

Irvin is correct that fixed clamps would be piece of cake for an ATW.
Maybe it is for floaters as well, I have just never used them.

Irvin 12-04-2012 02:15 PM


Originally Posted by jim e (Post 7046341)
...Irvin is correct that fixed clamps would be piece of cake for an ATW. Maybe it is for floaters as well, I have just never used them.

Not impossible but not real easy either. Flying clamps need to clamp on two strings and when transitioning from mains to crosses there is only one. best bet is two piece.

Irvin 12-05-2012 03:43 AM

Heartattack if you really want a 1pc job here is how I would do it. Using a full set of string I would use 7 racket lengths for the short side. Place your starting clamp at the point 7 racket lengths from the end and start your mains @ the throat on 1RM then loop over the top to 1LM. tension and clamp 3 mains on the left side. When pulling 1LM. Since you are pulling two mains there will be more stretch than usual. After you get the first three mains on the left tension 1RM and remove starting clamp. Tension and clamp first 6 mains on the right. Tension 7th main on the left then the right.

Up to this point you have had no skipped holes and you should have the center 14 mains strung. Your clamps are now at the bottom of the racket and out of the way. So you want to now run in the top few crosses so you do not have any problems with blocked holes. You should run in the top three crosses but do not tension any strings yet.

Using the short side (left) skip 8T and 8H and run in 8LM and the top cross (8H - 8H.) Leave a large loop of string on the left side so you can tension 8LM later. Using the long side run in 8RM, second cross (10H - 10H,) and third cross (12H - 12H.) Again leave a large loop of string at the top of 8RM to pull tension later.

Now you're ready to start tensioning again. Tension 8LM and clamp, then the top cross and hold the top cross with your starting clamp, and remove the floating clamp on the left side. Take the tip of the short side string and place it in 11H before you block that hole. Tension and clamp 8RM and crosses 2 - 18 and tie off. Tension and clamp the top cross to remove the staring clamp. Weave, tension and clamp the right outside main, bottom cross, left outside main and tie off.

Your only two blocked holes are 8T and you always have two strings required for flying clamps.

heartattack 01-25-2013 12:29 PM

thanks again Irvin. So my tie off would 8T-8B?

heartattack 01-25-2013 12:36 PM

or 6T - 8B?

Irvin 01-25-2013 12:38 PM

On a racket that skips 8T and 8B I doubt they would ever be used for tie off locations. With no crosses there is no anchor string to tie to and the holes the mains skip are for crosses. Because the top most / bottom most skips are 8T and 8B those are your top (first cross) and bottom (last cross) and you would be tying the strings from those grommet holes to some other point.

Irvin 01-25-2013 12:39 PM

6T sounds good but not 8

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